Infuse Your Home with Art Deco Style

art decor style bar by koket

While the Art Deco style first claimed its fame in France during the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, it has since become a timeless favorite. The style’s significant attributes influenced all aspects of design, from architecture to jewelry Art Deco was present. Shortened from its original term Art Decoratifs, the Art Deco look strongly emulates modernism. Bold geometry, vibrant colors, and intricate detail work characterize the style.

If you are an Art Deco style lover these design tips can help you incorporate the look. Perhaps you want to combine it with other design influences already in your home. Or, maybe you are looking to adapt the style to fit with another trend. Whether you are designing the interior of a hotel lobby or a bedroom, these design tips are sure to help you bring the Art Deco style into any space.

Focus on Rigid Lines and Shapes

Art deco style incorporates many influences from geometry. The impact of rigid lines and shapes helps define the genre. Look to add pieces with rich angular shapes. A statement mirror is a great way to add a splash of Art Deco, readily available today such mirrors were also a developed concept during the era.

art deco style mirror - lemprica by koket
Lemprica Mirror by KOKET

Focus on Animals & Nature

The Art deco style was heavily influenced by natural motifs. Look for nature-inspired fabrics or furniture with animal motifs.

art deco style cabinet Mademoiselle by KOKET
Mademoiselle Cabinet by KOKET

Design Affair: A Formal Yet Functional, Art Deco Inspired Home by Carlyle Designs

Focus on Minimalist Design + Glamour

A simple overall design with hints of glamour is perfect for your art deco home. Think luxurious and glamorous materials mixed with minimal design. Metallics are a great way to glam up for an art deco vibe.

art deco style table - avalanche by koket
Avalanche Table by KOKET

Many art deco inspired designs can be found in today’s home decor products as the stylish trend reigns on. Mix in art deco inspired furniture to add a touch of glamour or go for a full-on modern-day art deco theme.

Words by Samantha Baird

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