Diamond Project: How Pressure Creates Strong Minds & Businesses

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Feeling confident in your purpose is not only a matter of careful planning. Without faith in your own abilities, especially as a woman with a business or big life plans, every obstacle that presents itself will be able to chip away at that self-assurance, increasing the chances of you giving up. The process of fortifying your resolve about a project, whether it’s a new company or personal blog, involves putting its structure and purpose to the test. A trial that compares the project with others of its kind and has its details questioned can produce a better version; one molded to modern standards and hardened against adversity.

Project Pitch

A professional venture can be tested from the planning stage by presenting it to experts and receiving feedback. Business plan competitions are a safe bet for getting an idea of where your project’s foundations stand, but certainly not the only one. Visit local business development services. Pitch your idea to potential customers through social media. Or make use of digital providers like Gust assisting in everything start-up related, including connecting founders with investors. The aim is to have the plan questioned, which accomplishes three things. It highlights problematic areas, teaches you productive reception and application of criticism and, subsequently, bolsters your confidence in the upgraded project, as well as your own management skills.


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Today, as the digital landscape keeps expanding, no project is restricted to a physical existence. This means that, depending on its niche and ambitions, yours needs to cover several aspects of the market. One way of estimating its potential is examining the winning features of its best rivals and thinking about what you, the brains of the operation, can do better for your shared audience. For example, even though dozens of travel blogs already exist, more keep emerging and bringing something new to the table. A Broken Backpack’s vast range of information is similar to what other blogs provide, but its owner adds her intrepid personality, intriguing destinations, and a well-designed website to the mix, all of which earns the trust of travelers and inspires other women to follow in her footsteps. If your blog as potential competition lacks innovation, then it’s time for adjustments to ensure its visibility and longevity in the market.


Preparing for surprises requires thinking out of the box and a fresh pair of eyes is as valuable to predicting extraordinary yet entirely possible obstacles as it is to spotting cracks in the project’s foundations. Risk can come from outside your industry and within, so don’t ignore the insights of alternative sources alongside obvious ones. In the case of an artistic project – photography, fashion, graphic design – the “what if” questions of an astrologer can be no less astute than those of a symbologist, who could identify risky shapes or patterns in your compositions you may never have imagined. Insights from TheCircle’s diverse specialists can help just as much in opening your eyes to unique possibilities. A tarot reading has the power to convey the safest path but also presents you with details and concepts to trigger alternative thinking, a creative and flexible mindset that can counter any threat.

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There’s no reason to believe that women can’t launch and run successful projects of any type or scale. The pressure of trial and error is experienced by everyone with ambition, but intentionally applying it from the get-go builds a venture and confidence destined to make a difference in the modern world.

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