Words of Encouragement: How to Believe ‘I Am Enough’

how to believe i am enough

Have you ever wondered how to believe ‘I am enough’? We all have our moments of doubt, but you must believe, so read on for some words of encouragement!

Words of Encouragement: How to Believe ‘I Am Enough’

You finally get to check-out with a cart full of groceries. The cashier says your total is 84 dollars and 23 cents. One problem. You only have 70 bucks. Now your forced with the dilemma of not completing the purchase or removing some items, but you need everything in that cart!

We all know money has value, that’s how we’re able to determine what’s too much, too little or what’s enough when making a purchase. But how do you determine your value? Hopefully, you weren’t purchased from a local retailer with a price tag attached. Because who would ever be qualified to appraise you? You guessed it….no one. But somewhere and at some time along the way you’ve asked yourself—am I enough? You are, and you must believe it!

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Never Let Your Value Be Determined by Superficial Things

Did you measure your height or check your waistline? Or maybe you assessed your occupation and how many friends you have. Your value will never be determined by superficial things. However, your surroundings may tell you otherwise; how you should look, what you should wear, and what’s trending. It may make you feel overwhelmed like somehow you don’t measure up to an invisible standard. But there was a reason you weren’t born with a price tag. It’s not that your value simply can’t be determined, but that you are so precious and unique it can’t be quantified or contained.

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Focus on Being the Best Version of You

You can’t compare yourself to anyone because they aren’t the standard. That’s why you must never give anyone the power to determine your value. We all have flaws. We are a combination of successes and failures, highs and lows, strengths and weaknesses. The negative doesn’t eradicate our value, it just reminds us that we’re human.  Your goal should be to be the best version of yourself. Wear a smile, go to your favorite spa, accentuate those features that make you, You.

Never Forget You Are Priceless

But please…never forget…that you’re enough. In fact, you’re priceless!

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Words of Encouragement Series by Jada Ledbetter

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