What Your Favorite Shoes Say About Your Personality

luis-onofre-kos-red-shoes what your shoes say about your personality

Do you have a pair of shoes that are your automatic go-to? The ones you don’t think twice about slipping on if you really, really need to feel good that day? Well, if you’ve ever wondered what your favorite shoes say about your personality, you’ve come to the right place. 

Before we move on, we want to give a little hat tip to Brian from bootbomb.com. He gave us the idea for this article when we met up in real life recently. His website discusses various kinds of footwear, but I think I’ve seen a cute ankle bootie review in there somewhere. 😉

So, without further ado, here are what all your favorite shoes say about your personality!

What Your Shoes Say About Your Personality

The Classic Heel 

Nothing makes a girl feel quite as powerful as walking down a marble floor with a pair of choice, quality high-heeled pumps. That clicking sound is the sound of dreams being achieved. You’re a girl boss – and you know it. You march to your own quick pace and don’t slow your runway strut down for anyone. 

You are polished, put together, poised, confident, and strong. You’re a leader. You kick ass and take names for breakfast. You’re the person they call when everything goes wrong. And you know it, too. 

powerful woman wearing classic heels - what your shoes say about your personality
Photo by Isaac Quesada

The Classic Ballet Flat

If your go-to is a simple ballet flat, you’re a classy girl with simple, but tasteful, taste. You’re down to earth, and you put comfort above all else. But that doesn’t mean you don’t care about style! You know that a simple black flat can go a long way, with just about any outfit. 

You’ve got too much on your mind, busting your tail elsewhere to worry about little nuances like matching every outfit with the perfect shoe – you’d rather have one perfect shoe go with everything! You’re hard-working and always running around on your feet, which is why the sensible flat is so perfect for you. You’re humble and focused – you don’t need a pat on the back for everything you do. Armed with your flats, you just do it.

natalie ballet flat by sarah flint - what your shoes say about your personality
Natalie by Sarah Flint

A Leather Loafer

If you’d rather slip on a loafer than try to squeeze into one more pair of heels, you’re a classy, sensible kind of gal. The loafer is versatile enough to go with anything and classic enough to polish off any outfit. You’ll never have to worry about being too underdressed with a loafer. A leather loafer gives off the air of sophistication, preparedness, and put-togetherness. You wouldn’t be caught dead in a flimsy dollar-bin shoe. 

Your closet is likely filled with lots of neutral colors and classic, timeless pieces. You always look clean-cut and professional. People trust you to take charge and respect your opinion. 

Janelle Leather Loafers by Bally
Janelle Leather Loafers by Bally

The High-Heeled Boots and Booties 

There’s nothing like a high-heeled boot to make you feel like you’re on top of the world. Literally, they’re so tall, they boost you up quite a bit. If your go-to is a thick, tall boot, you’re a woman who’s afraid of nothing. 

People ask for your opinion and advice. Others are comfortable around you because they know you’re comfortable around yourself. You’re not afraid to be the center of attention, or be assertive if you need to be. 

Giambattista Valli Crystal Snake Boots
Giambattista Valli Crystal Snake Boots

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The Casual Sneaker 

If you’d rather put on a cute, worn pair of Keds with your summer dress than on a pair of wedges, this one’s for you. You know that you’re not trying to grab anyone’s attention with super fancy shoes – you’re being cute for you. The casual sneaker wearer is calm, down to earth, and gets along with everybody. 

You may feel as though you connect with a wide range of people from all walks of life. You value comfort over ostentatiousness. You’re always ready for an adventure, and you definitely don’t mind a little extra walking to get there. 

gold designer sneakers - what your shoes say about your personality

The Classic Mule

Admit it – you love being in the spotlight. You’re the girl surrounded by all of your friends telling a funny story about what happened to you last weekend. You need a shoe that’s as simple yet stunning as you are. Throw a mule on with any outfit, casual or dressy, for a perfect look. That’s you! Perfect in every look. You value quickness, sensibility, and ease, but don’t feel that you should have to sacrifice class and aesthetics for it. 

You’re confident and social, and people feel at ease around you. You have a way about you that makes people feel at home. You like to look your best, whether that’s casual Tuesday or Dress-Up Friday. 

 Aquazzura Rendez Vous Mules
Aquazzura Rendez Vous Mules

While you may think your shoe choice doesn’t mean much more to you than what toothpaste you use in the morning, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Each decision we make about how we present ourselves says something about our personality! So next time you are looking to make a statement with your shoes, think about what they say about your personality.