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The Luxury Collection Book Series - Assouline - Epicurean Journeys and Certified Indigenous

The world-renowned book publisher, Assouline, presents two volumes on luxury travel: Epicurean Journeys by Joshua David Stein and Certified Indigenous by Holly Stiel. Both part of a seven-book series titled The Luxury Collection, these two engaging editions focus on the luxury hotel experience, from exotic dining to the world’s finest concierge services. Sustainability is at the heart of luxury, from fine dining to luxury accommodations, world-renowned chefs and luxury hotels fundamentally place a higher value on quality over quantity giving travelers the luxury to travel sustainably. Thus here at Love Happens we are delighted to feature these two volumes in our special green edition.

Epicurean Journeys

epicurean journeys assouline the luxury collection books

Epicurean Journeys takes readers to over 80 of the world’s finest hotels to experience luxury dining. Compiled by Joshua David Stein, current restaurant critic for The New York Observer and writer for numerous other publications, including the New York Times and Food & Wine, the book is an eclectic sample of the world’s most exotic cuisines as seen through the eyes of food critic Elettra Wiedemann, chef José Andrés, and food writer Ruth Reichl, to name a few. Together, with the guidance of internationally renowned chefs and food critics, Epicurean Journeys gives readers a sample of some of the world’s finest cuisines and chefs that are sourcing the finest local ingredients for their dishes.  

Certified Indigenous

certified indigenous assouline the luxury collection books

Likewise, Holly Stiel explores the art of a luxury concierge in her volume, Certified Indigenous. The first female concierge in the United States, Holly brings her 20+ years’ expertise running a concierge at a five-star hotel in San Francisco into this collection. This volume offers a rare and unique glimpse into what a world-class concierge experience entails at 90 of the top luxury hotel brands in the world. Experience a planned day in each city and explore the location’s culture and cuisine as if you were a hotel guest. Unpack hidden destinations and expert advice from the world’s most luxurious concierges right from the comfort of your book.

The Luxury Collection Book Series

The Luxury Collection book series will appeal to travel enthusiasts, foodies, and even homebodies wanting to experience sustainable, luxury travel from the comfort of home. Packed with hundreds of pages of stunning photos and outstanding commentary, these volumes offer an elevated and ecological approach to international travel that will be sure to impress even the most seasoned traveler and food critic. For more information on how to obtain your very own copy of The Luxury Collection locate the nearest Assouline retailer or visit them online at www.assouline.com.

Words by Alexa Jennelle

Article Originally Appeared in Love Happens Volume 4

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