KOKET, A Brand Fueled by Empowered Women

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The term empowerment defines and indicates a process of growth, based on increased self-esteem, self-efficacy and self-determination. It is about bringing out latent resources and bringing an individual to consciously reach their potential. Empowerment means confidence and self-awareness.

Since the early 1900s, women around the world have been increasingly fighting for their rights. Fighting for emancipation, for their voices to be heard. Fighting in a world and in a society that wanted to call itself modern, but was still (in many countries) the same society that did not allow them the right to vote. Unfortunately, in some cases, women still do not have this right, or worse.

The results of pink power have been the result of successful cooperation. And the fight is far from over as even today, in 2020, gender discrimination, differences and deprivation of rights based on gender still exist. The voice of women is the voice of women empowerment, a choir that has been rising since the early 1900s and that will not stop until equality is reached.

At the luxury decor brand KOKET, the team of empowered women behind the company embodies the essence of this movement. And they are a special group known as the KOKET women.

What Makes KOKET Women Special?

koket women - international womens day 2020

We asked the leaders of the KOKET women to tell us what they believe makes their women so special…and their answers are sure to empower every woman out there!

First off, the women of KOKET are a special group because of the diversity they bring to the table. “They are not only diverse in the traditional sense, namely culturally and geographically, but also in their experiences, ideas, and strengths,” explains KOKET’s Financial Director Kathy Shirazi. “Because of each of our unique perspectives, we are able to drive innovation and creativity at KOKET. We also have a tribe mentality and we uplift, support, and empower each other. Our diversity in thought and support for one another is something we celebrate not only on International Women’s Day but every day.”

empowered women

Creative Geniuses

The amazingly creative, steadfast and inspiring Sofia Silva, KOKET’s Visual Communications Director, starts off her explanation at just the right place, with the queen bee/mama bear of KOKET, the ever empowering CEO & founder Janet Morais. With an unparalleled knack for what’s to come, a relentless desire to learn and grow, a bold and fearless spirit, and a gigantic heart, Janet is THE woman behind the brand.

“In the creative department, we have the most creative woman, Janet Morais who always guides us to know as much as we possibly can about our market and empowers our team to make KOKET all that it can be. But as a brand all of the success KOKET has achieved is a result of teamwork. All of our women play an important role within the brand. They each bring their own value to the company. And in our work, we know that we have to respect each other.”

koket women - international womens day 2020

“At KOKET, I am proud to direct a creative department made up of 95% women. A wonderful group of creative females, from graphic design and photography to marketing. The impact of this is obvious; it means more women’s voices, more women’s opinions, more ideas, better creativity, and better results,” says Sofia.

Marketing Powerhouses

Sofia goes on to discuss KOKET’s Marketing Department, “The women are strong and determined. They believe in themselves and are the most organized people. They fight for their goals and always push KOKET to meet them. Marta Vieira is our Marketing Manager. With the help of her equally demanding team, she masterfully implements the best strategies to achieve our goals.”

two strong ladies

Masters of Visual Communications

“In our Design and Visual Communication department, our women work hard to create the most beautiful images! The team is resilient, creative, hardworking, sensitive and always looking to do better,” explains Sofia regarding the department she leads. “They have overachiever personalities, the best kind! They always strive to create the most inspiring images and always want to do the most assertive communication. Overall they are also very responsible and respect the teamwork deadlines and calendars.”

koket women - international womens day 2020

Operational Superstars

Led by the fearless Rute Estrela, KOKET’s operations department is the backbone of KOKET. They are super multitaskers and exceptionally dedicated workers, always fighting to do what is best for KOKET.

Logistic & Financial Gurus

Vania Gomes, KOKET’s HR & Finance Manager tells us about the Logistics and Financial Departments.

“We are bold, we are fearless. We work for the success of KOKET and are proud to know that we always search and find what is best for the brand. We love what we do, and despite the hard days we work like never before! Logistics & financial department from KOKET: WE ROCK!”

Sales Stars

“Our women are warriors, they persevere whilst showing solidarity towards each other. In sales, they are the voice of the company to our clients and audience, but also – if not more importantly – the voice of the customer inside of KOKET,” explains KOKET’s Sales Manager Rita Rodrigues.

three strong ladies

The Women of KOKET

The women of KOKET are determined, emancipated, strong, successful women. Authentic, ambitious, passionate, integral women who try to be an example for and help others, in particular other women.

Women who break down every cliché, showing that women can lead as well as men. Women who know how to be entrepreneurs, successful workers, artists, imaginative, reckless and modern. Women who can be moms and wives and have successful careers all at the same time.

The women of KOKET do not feel in competition with others, but rather know the importance of being in competition with themselves every day, demonstrating daily that they can do better than yesterday.

The women of KOKET are the ones who prove every day to have the attributes, without the banal need to be physically gifted.

After all, quoting Mark Twain: “What would men be without women? Scarce, sir…mighty scarce”.

A Shout Out to the Men of KOKET

While only two men are on the KOKET team the brand is so thankful for them! Thankful for their desire to work with an almost all-female team. And thankful for their hard work and dedication to the brand. As while the empowerment of women is hugely important, at the end of the day equality is the goal!