Where to Find Inspiration for Custom Homes

custom Home designed by Robbins Architecture, Colorado. Photo by Steve Freihon.

Are you ready to build your own home? There’s just something about having your home built from scratch! You can unleash your creativity as you plan how it will look and what features you want to include. Many people already have an idea of what they want their houses to look like. But for those who are still looking for ideas, here are some places where you can find inspiration for custom homes.

Tour Your Neighborhood

You don’t need to go far to get inspiration! Just take a walk around your area and see if there are any houses there that catch your eye. Now, make sure that when you find one, don’t just take out your phone and take photos of the houses as you might be reprimanded by the owners. If you can, ask permission before taking any photos. Aside from your neighborhood, you can also go to friends’ houses to see if they have features or designs that can inspire your home. 

ideas for custom homes

Look at Magazines, Watch TV Shows

While of course here at Love Happens we are a great source of inspiration, but you should also look at many of the other great magazines out there like Architectural Digest, Luxe+Interiors, Elle Decor, The World of Interiors, etc. The homes you will see across the pages are beautiful, some have even won awards.

love happens magazine - ideas for custom homes

Another great source is your TV! There are so many reality TV shows that focus on homes and interior design. You can take your pick from those who like to flip houses to those featuring celebrity homes and more. Make sure to note which ones you like so that you can look for clips for future use. 

hyptnoic sconce by koket

Social Media

Social media websites are also a great source of inspiration. Not only are there many businesses that show their portfolio online, but there are also many pages that just show beautiful homes. You can try typing a hashtag that describes your style on Instagram or Twitter to see real home inspirations. For example, typing ‘minimalist home’ or ‘Scandinavianinspired’ will show thousands of examples. YouTube also has many videos from vloggers touring their homes so you can get ideas from them. But remember that it’s still best to see what you will need as a family and not just copy what looks good to you. Every home will have a different need and you need to take that into consideration.

staircase ideas
(Photo by Jason Briscoe)

Consult a Professional

But a professional can be the best source of inspiration for custom homes. Not only will they help you with coming up with an amazing design for your home, but also give you practical advice on costs and such. With professionals, you will not only be focusing on aesthetics but on functionality and practicality as well. They will not only help pinpoint what style you could possibly be leaning to but how your home can be more efficient and serve your family for years to come. Professionals like Goldcon Construction will help you every step of the way, from the designing process all the way through construction.

Cover Image Credit: Home designed by Robbins Architecture, Colorado. Photo by Steve Freihon.

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