Where to Find Your Dream Wedding Dress

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So, they popped the question after what felt like forever. Or, perhaps you proposed yourself after being inspired by recent leap year traditions. After all, who wants to be waiting around? Either way, congratulations!

Planning a wedding is exciting, but it can also be very overwhelming – a lot of people don’t even know where to start! For a lot of people, the most complicated part of planning a wedding is getting your dream wedding dress. Although it might seem easy in the movies, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

However, we’re going to make shopping for a dress easier for you! Here, we will break down different ways to find your dream wedding dress to take you down the aisle.

Bridal Boutiques

There is a range of wedding dress boutiques you can either visit in person or online. You can browse your favorite wedding dresses online to get an idea of what you like, then find a boutique locally that carries that line to schedule a fitting.

Undoubtedly, this is the most popular method for bride-to-be’s. You get benefits such as one-to-one care, a huge range of design/fits and a variety of different price brackets that suit whatever your budget is.

While some bridal boutiques accept walk-ins, the majority of boutiques expect you to book in advance. A downside of in-person bridal boutiques is that shopping can’t happen as a spur-of-the-moment choice. A lot of research has to go into picking the right boutique. These appointments also tend to be for a set amount of time, meaning that you aren’t free to browse at your leisure. Some boutiques are also excessively expensive if you have a small budget.

While online boutiques have a lot of products, a wide price range and limitless time, the biggest downside is that you won’t know how the dress looks on you until it arrives – and by then it could be too late! Also, you should always be careful when shopping online, as sizes aren’t always as they appear.

If you’re going to shop in a boutique, it’s best to find an in-person retailer. At the very least, order your dress online months in advance!

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Thrift Stores

Although this is a little unorthodox, hear us out: thrift stores are a great and underrated choice for people looking to get a wedding dress for several reasons:

  • It promotes sustainable shopping and prevents wastage caused by fast fashion
  • You can find some really beautiful presses for the fraction of their original price, making it a go-to choice for people who don’t see the point in splurging on a dress
  • The proceeds go to a good cause, like a charity or church projects
  • No one has to know!

When it comes to purchasing dresses from thrift stores, it is worth investing in professional dress cleaning so you can feel fresh and confident on the big day. This way, your dress will appear as good as new.

Wedding Fairs

Wedding fairs are a very useful place to seek out wedding dresses. These events bring a variety of different suppliers for various aspects of weddings all under one roof. While you’re looking for your dress, you can also find your caterer, venue, and planner. If you attend these fairs, exhibits give you significant discounts, meaning you can get a lot of value for money without compromising on quality.

You also get to speak to a lot of experts who bring along samples of the kind of dresses they sell, meaning that you can leave these places with a more secure idea of what you want.


Hopefully, some of the choices in this article will help you take that first step towards finding your dress. There’s a dress out there for everyone, so good luck finding your perfect one!

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