How to Be Kind in the Middle of This Pandemic?

Over the course of the past weeks, we’ve been forced to stop and enjoy the little things that in the past we didn’t even notice. We’re constantly saying that we don’t have time for this and for that. And now, the world gave us back all the time we need. For playing with our kids, for taking some time to take care of ourselves, for enjoying the sunshine, and being in, really in, each moment! Our freedom! While it often feels like it, the coronavirus doesn’t bring only negative. We have to take this time also to help others. So, read on to learn some tips on how to be kind in the middle of this pandemic.

How to Be Kind in the Middle of This Pandemic

Help Your Neighbors

Put a letter in your neighbor’s mailbox to ask if they need help with shopping, pharmacy, or if they just want some company (virtual company). Especially if you have some old neighbors: they’re the ones who need more attention and help. Start a Neighbor Whatsapp group to keep engaged with them, not only during this difficult time but always. Maybe you will start a true friendship!

how to be kind: help your neighbors
Photo by Jonny Green @MrJonnyGreen on Twitter

Give Blood

People now more than ever need your help. All the world still really needs the help of donators. You only can’t donate blood if you have recently traveled to a coronavirus risk area, or if you have been in contact with someone who has been infected. Did you know that you can save 3 lives with your next donation? Just try to imagine the feeling of happiness you would have knowing you have helped like that!

Support Shops Online

Small businesses are struggling (or if they aren’t yet the will be eventually) because they were forced to closed their stores. Now is not time to go out for dinner in a restaurant, but you can help them by taking picking up take out or ordering delivery from home. You can also consider buying some gift certificates to stores to take advantage of later.

Finding the Silver Leaning in a Time of Uncertainty

Donate Clothes and Beauty Products

Now that you have plenty of time, look at your wardrobe. Look at your clothes, shoes, and see what you didn’t wear in the last five years. If you didn’t wear it until now, you probably won’t wear it ever again. So, give those clothes to the people that really need them.

Most importantly, some doctors and nurses are in really need of moisturizing creams, as their daily protections are destroying their faces. So, if you have more than one, and you don’t use it daily, donate to hospitals that are in need of these!

How to be kind: donate clothes
Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash

Share kindness, not the coronavirus! Stay safe everyone ❤️️

Words by Rita Archer


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