Happy Mother’s Day: An Ode to Moms Around the World

happy mother's day 2020 - koket mommies

To all the mother’s out there HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Today is your day, own it! You are a goddess, a rock star, a superhero. You deserve this special day dedicated to you and all that you do to raise your children to be the best possible citizens of the world. Just a small job, no big deal. HA!

Today I sit here writing this in bed. The sun is shining in through my window, the sky is blue and it is quiet. My newly purchased indoor safety lock (my most recent Amazon purchase) is snugly installed on my bedroom door to keep my wild 5 and 3-year-old boys out (they are supposed to be hanging with their Dad (my ex) but they just can’t keep away).

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my kids! They are beautiful, bright, and curious. And while from the moment they open their eyes at 7 am (on a good day) to the moment they close them at 8 pm (also on a good day), they are more like wild beasts than humans, occasionally they are so sweet that the good erases all the bad, making it all worth it!

Today I had one of these moments. And oh how I needed it after the week we have had (or shall I say month+)! Anyone out there familiar with the extremely stubborn child who seemingly can’t control their impulse to bop their sibling pretty much every chance they get? 

It was video kindergarten time, and my 5-year-old’s teacher asked the class to find something with words on it. He was at my desk and there sat a copy of the 4th print edition of Love Happens Mag. I told him this is what I do for work and showed him my picture inside. He looked at it with a giant smile on his face and said you look weird. As I felt the desire to roll my eyes, before it happened, he followed with you look pretty with those pretty earrings. The love that filled my heart at that moment made everything else disappear.

And happily ever after. No way! Yes, this moment was beautiful and it is a moment that I will certainly reach for during the next moment of chaos which surely is soon to follow. And yup, there it was. Noon, time to attempt the first, yes the first, in a VERY long time, exercise class on Zoom (hosted by a friend), and the wild beasts were in full force. I recall that moment earlier. I remind myself that something is better than nothing, and onward I go as they jump around me.

So, no, today has been far from perfect. But I am still so proud to be a mom! I am so proud of all my mom-friends and all my mom-co-workers. I am so proud of all the moms in my family, my own mom, who is currently a Monday-Friday mom for my nephews so my sister-in-law (another super mom) can go to work on the frontlines. And I am so proud of all the moms I don’t know! Thus, today, on Mother’s Day 2020 I hope all you moms out there know how amazing you are! In solidarity, may we all forge on together raising our children with love and compassion for them, but equally as important, love and compassion for ourselves! Happy Mother’s Day!

Words by Anna Beck Bimba