7 West Coast Interior Design Trends From Expert Designer Bre Hance

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When it comes to interior design, the West Coast has definitely made its mark on the industry. These designs are effortless-looking, yet sophisticated with calming vibes we like to call livable luxury! 

What exactly is Livable Luxury? It’s a concept we refer to as homeowners wanting their home practical and livable while feeling proud of it. As a result, we’ve been mixing in a lot of nice statement pieces with other pieces that don’t break the bank. 

white living room with blue accents by bre hance inhance interiors west coast interior design trends

As a luxury boutique interior design firm based in LA, 2020 has thrown many curve balls our way. However, as more people are spending time at home, that means they are paying attention to the way their homes look, and many new and exciting trends have come along. 

From combining styles such as Modern and Farmhouse or Contemporary yet classic to mixing in organic materials and design ideas with stark and contrasting materials like metals, we have so much more to look forward to as we head into this new decade. 

These West Coast interior design trends are sure to continue to boom in the years to come!

7 West Coast Interior Design Trends

Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle Space

Of course, the first trend we have to touch on is the ever-popular indoor/outdoor lifestyle craze we see all of our clients desiring! Living on the West Coast sure has its perks, beautiful weather being one of the main benefits residents and locals alike enjoy. Which is why many California residents adapt their home to enjoy the indoor-outdoor lifestyle (and I mean come on, who wouldn’t want this?).

beige living room with indoor/outdoor living by inhance interiors west coast interior design trends

We’ve had many projects this year where we are opening up the back walls to create a larger indoor to outdoor living space and a nice flow with incredible natural lighting. From large floor-to-ceiling doors and windows, with a direct view to a pool or ocean or large french doors to expose the beauty California has to offer, we are sure to continue to see this trend move through the next decade. 

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Light, Airy, Effortless Looks 

The days that make you look like you really put effort into a room are long gone– Even though there’s A LOT of effort and thought that goes into West Coast interior design! The light and airy feel is what California residents are really gravitating towards, which includes neutral colors, as well as foundational color pallets such as whites and blues that have proven to set the mood and vibe that our West Coast clients love.  

white foyer with natural fiber rug by inhance interiors

With light and airy vibes, even the smallest details matter. You aren’t going to see many heavy fabrics or drapes in a west coast home, as they can make a space feel cluttered. Instead, we like to suggest sheer or linen drapes as they allow for that openness to really come to life and feel far more effortless. 

neutral master bedroom with wood beams by inhance interiors west coast interior design trends

We’ve also seen our clients continue to gravitate towards light wood and light oak floors. This trend has been around for some time and is sure to continue thriving in West Coast homes not only on the floor but also on ceilings, as there is such a warm and open feeling about a light wood.  

Natural Light 

Natural light comes with many benefits- both psychological and aesthetic. It complements the indoor-outdoor lifestyle, reduces the need for other lighting, and can even remove the need for air conditioning at times, which never hurts! Another perk our clients love is that natural light can make smaller spaces appear larger, as it can fool the eye into creating more space.  Psychologically, it’s also proven to boost overall moods as it creates an energetic and upbeat environment.

neutral sitting room west coast interior design trends

Statement Colors  

We’ve found that with the West Coast open and airy look and feel, clients still want to have life and personality trickled in here and there within their home. This trend started in 2019 and has proven it will continue to stay in this next decade. 

light blue and white bathroom with brass accents

More people are spending time at home, and want to be surrounded by a little flair and excitement. We see many West Coast natives using statement paint, wallpaper, and bold patterned tile as a focal point of a room. 

black and white hounds-tooth check tile with teal cabinet kitchen by inhance interiors

Also, we are seeing a shift from all-white to a variety of colors in powder rooms, kids’ rooms, built-ins, island colors, and other elements of the home. We are totally loving the creativity it brings. There’s nothing more we like to do than design special moments. You turn the corner and there’s a fun surprise! 

kids playroom with home school desk

Farmhouse Styles

This simple modern design trend allows for a welcoming and warm environment, yet still feels luxurious and sophisticated. It combines comfort with elegance, resulting in a relaxing abode,  while still wowing houseguests with its well thought out charm. 

Our clients love the fact that you can make this design your own. More traditional? Industrial? This style can allow your personality to really shine through with individual elements. Farmhouse is usually accompanied by an open floor plan with rustic touches and vintage nostalgic elements.

white kitchen with blue accents rustic elements and copper fixtures

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The Island As Your Kitchen Focal Point 

We’ve mentioned before that Californians love their social life, which is why kitchen islands have become super important, especially this last year. In the West Coast design world, having a standout island is an absolute must. 

white kitchen with wood cabinets west coast interior design trends

Large islands help the room have an open feel, and we are seeing many design their kitchens around the island. They are also incredibly multifunctional! In the 2020 era where many people are working from home, islands can make for great workspaces for the parent that juggles feeding a toddler and working on a laptop all day! 

Statement Lighting

Statement lighting has become equally as important for aesthetic reasons as well as functionality and in our eyes, lighting is the jewelry of the home. Adding a pop here and there can really dress up a space! 

neutral dining room with wood table by inhance interiors

Lighting can really add a pop of personality. It’s also where one’s eye is drawn first because it’s such a bold detail, so it’s important to make a statement, but not overpower the rest of the room. 

eternity v chandelier by koket - three-tiered crystal chandelier

What Does it Take to Get the West Coast Look?

At the end of the day, West Coast design is all about combining personality with functionality. Open concept living and unique, sophisticated, effortless character, with a light and airy feel, are what set apart a West Coast home.

You can obtain that West Coast look from any geography, so long as you keep in mind the open light and airy look and feel, functional, easy to use spaces, pops of color or character, and popular contemporary/countryside chic style. Just remember your desired outcome is to create Livable Luxury! 

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About Bre Hance:

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Bre Hance, Founder InHance Interiors

Bre Hance approaches her design projects with enthusiasm and intent. As the founder of InHance Interiors, a boutique firm located in Los Angeles, she services clients all over the world including athletes, celebrities, homeowners, luxury home builders, and investors. 

Bre believes that hard work, efficient planning, and excellent communication are fundamental to success. With her attention to detail and keen eye for transforming spaces, she has enjoyed the satisfaction of delivering beautifully designed homes that were merely yesterday’s dreams.

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