How to Style the Sexy Sheer Top Trend

how to style a sheer top fendi

In retrospect, sheer tops have always been a fashion staple. They seem to never go out of style because they manage to be both modest and sexy all at once. And they are most definitely a fashion trend we are currently obsessed with! So if you want to know how to style a sheer top, read on!

Sheer tops are made from see-through fabric and are designed that way so people can see some skin but not everything. Some women feel a bit overexposed in the see-through style or as though the look is not age-appropriate over 20, but this is far from true! The sartorial potential of sheer tops lies in how they’re worn. Here is a brief guide on how you can perfectly style your see-through shirt.

5 Tips on How to Style a Sheer Top

Wear It Over a Camisole

If you’re the kind of person who is not comfortable with showing off the bra they have on, then you should consider wearing a cami on top. This style will provide you with the right kind of body coverage that will make your sheers easy to wear in official or formal settings.

how to style a sheer top over a camisole - VALENTINO Jeweled Tulle Bow-Neck Blouse
Jeweled Tulle Bow-Neck Blouse by Valentino

Wear a Crop Top Underneath a See-through Shirt

The length of a crop top will always make it appear casual. However, the transparency of the see-through fabric gives it a more elegant touch. Complete this look with a pair of high-waist jeans and some cute sneakers to go.

how to style a sheer to - FENDI Tulle Puff-Sleeve Shirt over crop top
Tulle Puff-Sleeve Shirt by Fendi
empowering scent by koket

Combine It With High Waist Pants or a Skirt

Some of us aren’t comfortable with our bellies showing when we wear see-through attire. To remedy this without entirely canceling the sheer outfit, you should consider wearing a high-waisted pair of pants or a skirt. An added incentive to this is the high waist gives your stomach area more support.

Organza Shirt with Bow by Dolce & Gabbana
Organza Shirt with Bow by Dolce & Gabbana

Wear It Over a Bralette

One of the best ways of showing off that bralette you adore so much is wearing it under your sheer blouse. It’s almost as if bralettes and sheer tops were meant to be. The bralette will cover your breasts while the sheer top will provide a tinted look of everything else including your pretty bralette.

ASOS DESIGN sheer organza short sleeve top with stitch detail
Sheer Organza Short Sleeve Top with Stitch Detail by ASOS Design

Consider Your Colors

When it comes to sheer outfits, there’s an unwritten rule which stipulates that people should wear a see-through shirt with the same color as whatever they have underneath such as a bra, bralette, bandeau, or camisole.

However, you can do a bit of color blocking such as matching yellow and blue. You can also mix contrasting colors such as black and white. But try to avoid wearing innerwear that matches your skin tone unless you’re purposefully going for a nude look underneath.

Pintuck Tuxedo Shirt, Lily Triangle Bralette, and Leather Skirt by Fleur du Mal
Pintuck Tuxedo Shirt, Lily Triangle Bralette, and Leather Skirt by Fleur du Mal

How to Style A Sheer Top Wrap Up

Sexy sheers are another reason why warm weather looks are so exciting. For some people, it’s a deliberate statement of boldness, while for others, it’s more about the look than what it says about them.

Mecala Women's Pink Blouse with Mesh Puff Sleeve High Neck Slim Fit Top
Mecala Women’s Pink Blouse with Mesh Puff Sleeve High Neck Slim Fit Top

So regardless of whether you go for a full-on sheer look or something a bit more reserved like a blouse with sheer sleeves, because of their unique see-through qualities, you need to know how to style a sheer top; something a lot of us struggle with. The tips highlighted above should give you a few good ideas on how to wear a sheer top and look stunning.

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