The Best Fashion Investments, Luxury Vintage Handbags Even Trump Art

luxury handbags best fashion investments

If you are a lover of luxury brands, betting on a handbag is both a fashionable and smart choice. Although they can be a major investment, these iconic pieces tend to increase in price. Decades pass and they remain brand best sellers. This is one of the many reasons that make designer handbags one of the best fashion investments. According to a report published by Art Market Research, there are certain luxury vintage suitcases that surpass art, classic cars, and even whiskey. Yes, you heard right, some luxury vintage handbags are worth more than these items!

Case In Point

I know that at first, it may seem strange to imagine this, but let’s start with the iconic Hermès bag. For example, the crocodile skin Himalaya Birkin by Hermès is often noted as one of the most collectible handbags in the world. Birkin is the brand’s best-selling bag and has been made in numerous patterns and even several re-editions. A Birkin comes with a high price tag, but over time these bags are worth more than the amount you bought them for, hence they are definitely considered one of the best fashion investments. The Art Market Research report said that covetable Birkin bags increased in price by 42 percent on average last year – almost doubling that of the 23 percent rise for Banksy artworks.

best fashion investments luxury handbags Himalaya Birkin by Hermès
Himalaya Birkin by Hermès

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To Wrap It Up

In 2019 alone, 3,700 designer handbags sold for £ 26.4 million at auctions around the world. Thousands of handbags also sold online by luxury retailers. Increasingly we see pages on Instagram that resell luxury handbags with certificates and authenticity approval of the bag. Some bags bought new at the store have then sold at auctions for up to 3 times more than their original price!

True fashion lovers often buy luxury handbags for their own collection of vintage and iconic pieces. So if you are looking for the best fashion investment, a luxury handbag is definitely worth betting on!

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