5 Healthy New Year Intentions That Have Nothing To Do With Dropping Quarantine Weight

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After feeling a bit stagnant and sluggish throughout 2020, it’s time to switch gears and look to healthy intentions for the new year that will help us feel strong and balanced in our lives. Sure, celebrating the New Year will most likely be a little unique and unprecedented, well okay a lot more unique and unprecedented considering COVID-19 has reared its ugly, diseased head directly or indirectly into our quarantined homes. The fact is, there are plenty of aspects of the pandemic we’ve all struggled with. From increased stress and anxiety to packing some extra pounds but letting nuisances and negatives continue to live rent-free in our heads, homes and hearts is a hard pass.

So I come bearing gifts, the good news of hope for 2021! 2020 was totally a wash but plot twist, we can completely choose to go forth in spite of, with a fresh mindset and renewed motivation. So throw the confetti, wear the cheesy NYE glasses, pop the Champagne, and bring on the party blowers because we will get through this and make the most of what we’re working with, safely and intentionally, no scale needed.

5 Healthy New Year Intentions

1. Be Active, But Make It Enjoyable

We’re all riding the struggle bus of disappointment dealing with a situation (a’hem, thanks global pandemic) we’ve never experienced before and although we’re going through it at the same time, we’re not all dealing with it the same way (and that goes for our bodies too). Guess what? The quarantine 15 is real but you aren’t alone and you don’t need to obsess over it. It’s very likely due to the disruption in daily routine and habits. Instead of focusing on your rounder, perhaps more dimpled buns, just find fun and new ways to get them moving. Being healthy and active doesn’t have to solely be about weight loss, decreased caloric drudgery, and beating yourself up. Make simply being active a more enjoyable way to live one of your new year intentions. It’s a lifestyle.

2. Unpack Comparison & Don’t Look Back, You’re Not Going That Way

I don’t mean to get all Theodore Roosevelt on you but when he said “Comparison is the thief of all joy” I felt that! Yet here I am still guilty of comparing myself. Why is that, when doing so is likely to damage our confidence and erode our self-esteem? Stacking ourselves against others to determine our self-worth is so last year. The negative effects are daunting and we have enough on our pandemic plates. Ain’t nobody got time for anything or anyone making us feel insufficient. Today, we take back our power and intend to use our energy for believing in ourselves and creating the life we deserve.

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3. Use Positivity (Non-Toxic) To Create The Life You Love

Let’s be clear,  it’s all fun and games until hyper-happy statements like “Everything will be okay, look on the bright side!!” isn’t helpful. Newsflash, it’s actually toxic. When people use or demand positive emotions or optimism in a way that causes people to feel oppressed or disregarded, that’s toxic positivity and we want no parts of it. We do however want to acknowledge the normal part of human experience and should intend to create a more fulfilling life from it. So yeah, ditch the healing attempt of cat memes and come through with accepting real emotions rather than dismissing them. Ultimately, there lies ‘truly living an intentional life’ on the bright side.

4. Pause & Plan To Be Well Rested

Everywhere we turn, the media is right there waiting to saturate us with the latest vaccine status, updates on political agendas, and economic uncertainty, just to name the top few. And for some reason, we are drawn to it right before bedtime. We tend to want to squeeze in one more thing before bed on our phones or computers. Stop it! For a moment anyway, intend to just kill the screen time, turn off the media frenzy and just be. Refraining from digital devices and intend to focus more on real-life social interactions without all the distractions. A better night’s sleep, a clear head, and a quality companion will thank you.

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5. Satisfy Self Care Vibes, Heavy on the Vibes

Hello quarantine! Sex toy sales are boomin’ for a reason. Seeking self-pleasure is one of the greatest forms of self-care. Mani’s and pedi’s are cool and all, but you know what’s cooler, orgasms! Yep, I just said that. It’s safe and it’s actually a two in one. You’re staying home and flattening the curve at the same time, winning! Go ahead and give “good vibrations” a go. Alleviating tension, stress and worry could be an intentional buzz away. Power up responsibly.

Whatever you choose to do to celebrate the New year, I hope it brings you more gratitude, joy, and self-love…and sidebar, you don’t even have to wait or save the celebration for a new year, because just being alive is a special occasion! Cheers to a new year with new healthy intentions!

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Jasmín (Jaz) Nelson is a true “Jazzy” of all trades. This multifaceted mom boss keeps busy as a journalist, an independent paralegal, Life Coach, photographer, and Legal/ Estate & Entertainment Industry Executive. When she finds free time, you’ll most likely spot her doing yoga and catching good vibes at the beach with her son in beautiful California.

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