How to Create the Perfect Home Bar Design

Mendez Vela Kitchen Chandra black and gold Bar Stools KOKET

Since late 2019, COVID has tremendously affected life as we once knew it. Now, here we are in 2021, and going out to dinner, or for drinks at the bar, is pretty much still out of the question at the moment. With statewide regulations on bars and restaurants, hours are restricted and the number of people allowed inside at once is limited. As such staying in and opting for take-out versus dining out has definitely become the norm. So here we are at home wanting our interiors to feel as comfortable and functional as possible. Maybe even wanting them to feel a bit like a restaurant or bar? If you are missing cocktail hour then creating or improving your home bar design is a must! And even after bars reopen you will now have the perfect home bar design for entertaining.

So where to begin? Read on for tips on how to bring bar vibes home by installing the proper lighting, décor, and bar accessories. Designers around the world have helped their clients achieve the perfect welcoming and convenient home bar designs during this pandemic. Here is what they believe to be most essential when it comes to creating your own!

5 Essential Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Bar Design

The Bar

Accompanied by a perfectly installed bar in your home, you can bring the nightlife right to you and your friends! Although you may be limited on space, you’d be surprised at just how well a home bar can suit your living environment. Specific areas in your home that didn’t have purpose before can now be utilized for serving cocktails and other drinks. Step one is of course picking the location. Dining, living, kitchen? Or perhaps outdoors?

Patsy Blunt Interiors luxurious home bar design ideas
Bar design by Patsy Blunt Interiors

Step two, scour Pinterest and Google for home bar design ideas. When you find your favorite look, whether it be wood, stone, glass, or something totally out of this world like a fish tank, the next step is bringing it to life. If you are handy DIY videos are of course endless. If not find a local craftsman or a pre-fabricated design.

Maybe a built-in bar is not right for you. Fear not! A beautiful console table or bar cabinet are fabulous alternatives!

luxurious home bar design ideas KOKET, Bar Spellbound Bar cabinet white and gold
Spellbound Bar Cabinet by KOKET

20 Luxury Home Bar Cabinets to Fall in Love With

Bar Furniture

Incorporating the right furniture into your home bar design is essential for the full experience. It will leave your guests wanting to come back for more! A true home bar wouldn’t be complete without statement barstools. Find a set that shows off your style. If you prefer rustic go wood. If glam is your thing go for gold and a luxurious fabric. No full bar? No worries, a high top dining table is a great way to create a bar feel at home.

luxurious home bar design ideas Kitchen by Mendez Vela Design featuring Chandra Barstools by KOKET
Bar design by Mendez Vela Design featuring Chandra Barstools by KOKET

In addition to bar stool seating, or in lieu of, be sure to have plenty of room to enjoy your cocktails. Maybe a couple of lounge chairs? Or perhaps a cozy sofa? Feeling ambitious? How about a built-in booth? Take your pick based on your space and cocktail hour dreams!

Take your home bar design to the next level with a glamorous lounge area. Interior design by KOKET - vamp sofa muse sconces black interiors
Take your home bar design to the next level with a glamorous lounge area. Interior design by KOKET


One of the features that will stand out the most when designing your home bar is your choice of light fixtures. Pendants and sconces are a great way to go, as they will truly add that luxury vibe to your cocktail serving area. Hang pendants over the bar, and one over the bar table if you take this route. Sconces make great bookends for any shelving or art you have behind your bar.

home bar design ideas deliciosa bar stool koket gia pendant light
Bar design by KOKET

Create the Perfect Home Bar Design


Your walls also play a key role in creating the perfect luxurious home bar. If you are incorporating your home bar into an established room like your dining or living room, consider an accent wall to help define the space. If you can’t decide on a color, a wallpaper with a design that goes with your design will be quick and easy to install. Incorporating mosaic tiles along the wall or even adding mirrors throughout will accentuate the overall look. If you prefer the bar area to blend in with the room you are adding it to feel free to skip the walls and simply coordinate with your current look.

home bar design ideas koket bar stools luxury furniture eternity sconces
Bar design by KOKET

Glasses, Bar Trays and Bar Accessories

Aside from the bar, lounge furniture, and lighting, you can’t forget about your bar display! While you’re preparing drinks or relaxing with a drink already in your hand, the bar display plays a huge role in your home bar. Based on the color scheme of your elegant furniture and painted or textured walls, you can include a glamourous set up that will make you forget you’re even at home! Mid-century modern glasses or perhaps Murano glass is more your thing, either will highlight your space beautifully.

Followed by your glasses are bar trays and bar accessories. A flawless, gold decorative bar tray is a must! These bar trays will be great for storing all of your bar accessories that you will need to make the perfect drink after a long day.

Bar accessories by ANNA New York
Bar accessories by ANNA New York

Storage and Display

Just like any part of your home, being organized is a necessity. And when you can make all the “stuff” look pretty this is the best! In order for your home bar to function efficiently, you must have storage. Storing your beverage bottles, glasses, and other accessories in easily-accessible places like on floating shelves or in bottle racks offers opportunities to create convenience while also a distinct classy bar look.

bar wine bottle storage lori morris
Wine storage in a gorgeous interior by Lori Morris – See the full project here!

Include Classic (or Modern) Bar Games for Fun Nights With Friends

Creating the perfect home bar design is not a walk in the park, as you can see above. However, including classic or modern bar games for fun nights with friends in the design can lead to an amazing drinking experience.

There are many types of bar games that can be fun for younger brewery-goers as well as the older generation people. All you need to do is to evaluate the kind of games that you like, and that your audience is likely going to enjoy.

Apart from improving the drinking experience for your guests, bar games are also going to keep them engaged. You will always have friends asking whether you can host them for drinks because of the fun that comes with your home bar.

During times like a pandemic, and long after, having a luxurious home bar design is an all-around great idea!

Words by Adrian Porter


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