Beautiful Fashion Inspiration & Outfit Ideas for a Magical Winter Wedding

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Imagine crisp air, lights twinkling on snow, and a warm fire. For some, winter is the best time of year and the most romantic season for a wedding. Just like with any other wedding throughout the year, a winter one can take a lot of preparation. And of course, some important items on your wedding checklist are what the bride and bridesmaids will wear! For a wedding during the coldest months, choosing outfits that will keep you warm is definitely something to consider. Be sure to also leave plenty of time to find the perfect bridal accessories. Browsing winter wedding fashion inspiration can help greatly when it comes to selecting the best fashion for your special wedding day. We hope these ideas help!

Gorgeous Outfit Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Wedding

Long Bridesmaid Dresses

Winter is cold after all, so you will want to keep your team of bridesmaids warm! Opting for longer bridesmaid dresses can help keep your entourage warm and comfortable throughout your special day. If you’re being bold and brave with an outdoor wedding, then warm dresses are a must! There are many beautiful and delicate dresses you can use in winter that are floor-length and/or have long sleeves.

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Sparkling in the Snow With Delicate Hair Accessories

There is tons of beautiful winter wedding dress inspiration for brides to gaze at online. But what accessories can you match with your gown? Paired with a veil, or not, sparkling hairpieces can add a touch of sparkle to any winter wedding day. You can choose hair accessories to match your dress or wedding colour scheme, or you can go delicate with sapphires and have your ‘something blue’ on show.

diamond crystal headband bridal winter wedding lelet ny

Kate Crystal Crown Headband by LELET NY

Keeping Warm With Fur

Winter is a great time of year to have a wedding as there are potentially many beautiful wedding photo opportunities if it’s snowing on your special day. However, not every couple wants to wear big winter jackets in their wedding photos! Brides and bridesmaids can stay warm and toasty with fur shawls that match their dresses. A long white gown with a white fur shawl will look truly magical with a snowy backdrop.

danielle gehler bride wearing fur winter wedding fashion ideas


Sparkle & Shine With Delicate Winter Wedding Jewellery

Your ‘Something Blue’ With Sapphires

Once you have chosen your wedding dress, there are many ways to complete your wedding day look with accessories and jewellery. Blue is a great colour to use in weddings for a bold statement look, but also for your traditional ‘something blue’. Pairing your jewellery with your accessories and gown can create a gorgeous wedding look.

1st dibs sapphire diamond necklace couture bridal jewelry

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Drop Necklace, 1stDibs

A Christmas Season Wedding With Rich Rubies and Delicate Emeralds

If you want to wear the colours of the season, then red and green can be beautiful colours to include in your wedding. From your table settings to your invitations, nothing else will quite say ‘Christmas’. So why not incorporate them into your wedding jewellery too? You can mix and match these colours with stylish brooches, earrings, and necklaces.

winter wedding christmas photo jonathan borba unsplash

Pairing Rose Gold Accessories With Your Gown

While you are finding the perfect necklace for your wedding, consider choosing jewellery that matches the tone of your gown. If you have an ivory-toned wedding dress, warmer metals will look better with your outfit and nothing says elegance like delicate rose gold jewellery. There are many gorgeous pendants and chains that will look simply beautiful on your wedding day.

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Colour Schemes That Perfectly Complement Winter

An Ice-cold Look With Silver

From your brismaids’ dresses and flowers to your accessories and wedding invitations, silver is a versatile colour that you can use for your special day. The cool colour can help emphasise the cold winter setting to help create a sophisticated and elegant seasonal look. However, it might be best to incorporate silver with other colours so that the overall colour scheme is not too washed out.

ice cold silver winter wedding theme

A Serene Winter Wonderland With Pale Blue

There are a few colours that pair well with a winter wonderland wedding, and blue is one of them. If you’re looking for a soft delicate winter colour, then pale blue is a great option. Using the colour in your flowers and bridesmaids’ dresses will help create a soft and calming atmosphere for your wedding day.

winter wedding Ombre Fairy Tulle Wedding skirt With Train julia miren dresses

Ombre Fairy Tulle Wedding Skirt by Julia Miren Dresses

A Rich Warm Reception With Classic Champagne

To help make your winter wedding feel a little bit warmer, the color champagne can help. Using this colour at your reception can create a warmer feeling, even if it’s snowing outside. There are many winter fashion trends that utilise this colour as well as white and cream for the season. Pairing it with gold jewellery and cream coloured flowers will ensure you look divine on your wedding day.

Champagne Dress With White Floral 3d Lace Julia Miren Dresses

Champagne Dress With White Floral 3d Lace by Julia Miren Dresses

cuff chair koket furniture jewelry champagne velvet



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