Loving Luxuries: Life’s Must-haves for Spring & All Seasons

“It is a luxury! I can’t afford it”! This we hear often and more on the material wants of life that we spend endless hours to covet and devour. Think about it. Just as Spring arrived, and then it came, a 75-degree cup full of sunshine and breeze begging to caress your skin and smiles, how many must have responded with something like, “I’m going to wear my pink diamonds today”? Hardly, I imagine. Fact is, not one diamond, could match the glitter and bling of the perfect warm sunshine as it did right after Spring arrived.

For the record,

and I am saying this in a one breath detail, mine was an offering instead, to the sun and Spring. I showed off in a pair of shorts, a Tee, and a toned ‘butt’, ran the precious miles unabashedly, panted the sweat to glistening trickles, my heartbeats in rhythm with the desire for the chilled popsicle store at the end of the boulevard trail, and my breath oozing grateful attitude from the scents of the nature around me. I can say, I was ‘Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds’, alive in the luxury of bling incomparable. A girl’s best friend has more to be desired, I believe.

A Lifestyle of abundance is a choice,

not the weight of the unnecessary and even as my womanly heart cheats on the weekend for a luxury walk in the aisles of Bloomingdales, I am taking time off to share luxuries of a different kind, ones that are not discounted, or on sale or a BOGO. These are of the needed kind and how differently we act upon them, is what creates the luxury. Let us go shopping and buy and invest in a few of my favorite things and you’ll know what I mean by loving luxuries.

Life’s Must-have Loving Luxuries for Spring & All Seasons

Being Grateful or Grateful Grapes

A luxurious feeling. Fills every day with acknowledgment of the bounty of being alive at the end of it. Live every day and in the present.

My Worth or Net Worth Investment

A defined luxury of Self. Fills every day with a ‘richer than thou’ attitude and at no paying out of pocket. Ever.

Love Happens or Love Locks

A flow of luxurious little things. Fills every day with Self-love and makes every day your heaven. Adorn it.

Tik Tok Tell Tales or Fairy Teases

A fun-filled line of luxury words. Fills every day with humor and flirtatious smiles even. What you speak makes for a better day for someone else.

Defying Lines or Wrinkles in Time

Cream on the luxuries of the past into your present. Fills your every day with good memories and creates new beginnings. Allows you to count your blessings twice.

Journals or Journeys to Destination

A penned or typed luxury of hopes, achievements, and simple pleasures. Fills your every day with the need to do more each day forward. More is less; less is more, whatever. Just do it!

Luxuries are detailed, earned, loved, created, devoured, and mean different things to different people. Most importantly, the most meaningful luxuries are available and to be had by all. All you got to do is give yourself, not hope, but the chance to get it. Buy your luxuries wisely. They are priceless. For everything else, as the saying goes, there’s Mastercard!

Seema Niloufer Azharuddin

About the Author

Seema Niloufer Azharuddin has been actively involved in a variety of fields like acting, producing, writing, journalism, and consulting, including being a champion for several causes and campaigns. Currently, she continues to volunteer as a spokesperson for the Indian diaspora for Biden’s presidency and contributes to a number of publications. Check out her TedxTalk Lead Don’t Plead.


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