Mudroom Design Ideas for the Perfect Stylish & Functional Space

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Mudrooms are certainly not the most glamorous part of your home, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look fabulous! Looks are only one key to a perfect mudroom design. The other is functionality! Read on for mudroom design ideas to help you create the perfect space to store your outdoor gear in style!

Mudroom Design Ideas for the Perfect Stylish & Functional Space

Choose the Right Curtains

People often forget about window coverings for their mudroom. However, don’t! Curtains can totally step up the beauty of your space. There are two options you can choose between: 

soda pop design inc mudroom ideas window coverings roman shades black and white
Interior by Soda Pop Design Inc.

Some people want to remain casual. Because of that, curtains with a basic design are best. Yet, some people want to achieve more than that. This is especially true for those that like to regularly follow trends. In that case, adding trendy curtain rods, rings, and accessories to your mudroom would be the choice for you.

There is one additional piece of advice we would like to give here. The price of the curtains, rods, and other stuff should not be the main factor that you follow. Investing in these items is a long-term solution. Even if the designs you like are more expensive, your investment will surely pay off in the end. Your curtain rods should feature durability and quality. Finding products with these two characteristics should be your main priority.

Think About Storage Options

Storage options are the most important thing when we talk about functionality in mudrooms. As the overall goal of the space is to ensure an easy transition from the outside to the inside.

Some people (especially kids!) need a good place to sit to put their shoes on. Because of that, adding a bench in your mudroom is a “must-do” thing. Ideally, it should be near the entrance so guests can sit and take off their shoes immediately after they come in. Additionally, you can use pillows to make the bench more comfortable for sitting and add to the overall style factor of the space. Alternatively, some colorful poufs are both practical for seating and a great way to add style!

Flooring Is Super Important

The design of a mudroom’s flooring is essential. Keep in mind people are coming from the outsides so mud and dirt are very likely to be on their shoes. Because of that, the flooring should darker tones. However, you can also look for patterns that have the “power” to conceal dirt.

c and m interiors mudroom dark floor gray cabinets
Design by C & M Interiors

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Make It Practical

Open your mind when designing the mudroom and ask yourself a couple of questions. There are certain items that every mudroom really needs to have. For instance, you need a place where you can drop keys, wallets, mobile devices, etc. The solution can come in form of a little side table, a statement console, or a center table if you have the space. In addition, having some hooks where people can hang coats, scarves, or hats is definitely high on the practicality list.

Bloom Wallpaper by Phillip Jefferies entry way design with center table wallpaper on ceiling
Bloom Wallpaper by Phillip Jefferies makes this mudroom / entry way!

Also, if you want to add some extra style to a mudroom design a welcome mat at the entrance is a great way to make the space more polished and practical

Use at Least One Tall Cabinet

Keep in mind that people do not use the mudroom only for clothes. If family members are sports or outdoor activity fans, they will need the room for some other purposes too. Think basketball balls, baseball gloves, hockey sticks, rain and snow gear, etc. Because of that, adding at least one tall cabinet (built-in or free standing will work!) to your mudroom can be a very helpful choice.

mudroom Interior design ideas glamorous by KOKET featuring the Parisian Armoire & Chandra Chair
Interior by KOKET featuring the Parisian Armoire & Chandra Chair

Another thing you can do if you have enough space is to purchase two tall cabinets and place the bench between them. In that way, residents can easily take off shoes and other gear and place them directly in the cabinets.

Wrapping Up the Perfect Mudroom

We are sure these 5 tips are going to help you come up with the perfect mudroom design. Each one will make your mudroom look attractive and practical. Whichever item, color, or material you use, it is recommended that you adapt it to your style. Further, try not to make price your biggest concern even when the lack of cash flow is the problem. Consider all the items from the list as long-term investments. This way you can enjoy many, many years of your stylish and functional mudroom!

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