8 Statement Lights to Light Up Your Life!

nymph chandelier butterflies gold filigree koket

Let’s talk about lighting. It is common for a kitchen to be light and airy, a living room to be cozy, a bedroom to be moody. Why? What if we use lighting in a way that inspires us. A moody kitchen, a bright bedroom, and a light and airy living space. Lighting is very important in the home; it not only affects the mood of your SPACE but also YOUR mood in your space. So here are some statement lighting fixtures and lamps that will light up your life.

8 Statement Lights to Light Up Your Life!

Quartz Table Lamp

Quartz Table Lamp with white shade and gold base luxury lighting table lamps
Quartz Table Lamp

OBSESSED with this lamp. It is not only visually stunning but it is said that clear quartz amplifies your energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it. Putting this in your home office would not only add a piece of art to your space but also keep you energized during your workday.

Nymph Chandelier

statement lights Nymph Chandelier by KOKET in Recdi8's Interior Design Project in Barcelona gold butterflies luxury lighting
Nymph Chandelier by KOKET

Talk about DREAMY!!! This butterfly-covered chandelier is both modern and ethereal. Structured yet fantastical. Having a chandelier like this in your home can inspire you to bloom from your cocoon.

‘Halo One’ Sunset Floor Lamp

'Halo One' Sunset Red Floor Lamp/ Color Projector by Mandalaki Studio
‘Halo One’ Sunset Red Floor Lamp/ Color Projector by Mandalaki Studio

While the actual physical lamp is simple, what it projects is truly a work of art. This sunset projection adds ambient light while also creating a statement on a wall that needs a splash of color and what is more of a statement than creating your own sunset.

Gem Table Lamp

gem table lamp blue and gold koket luxury lighting statement lights
Gem Table Lamp by KOKET

This lamp features a glass gem in the middle of a geometrical metal work encasing it. It’s a great pop of color and adds interest to any side table. It’s glamorous while also being industrial, perfect for any bedroom, office, or living room.

Cleo Desk Lamp

Cleo Desk Lamp by Kelly Wearstler marble and brass statement lights
Cleo Desk Lamp by Kelly Wearstler

Add some shapes to your workspace with this Kelly Wearstler lamp. Its dark shapes contrasted with the brushed gold are very modern and moody. A perfect style if you’re looking to add texture to your desk.

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Doodle Linear Suspension

Doodle Linear Suspension Light by Simone Micheli for Terzani
Doodle Linear Suspension Light by Simone Micheli for Terzani

Looking for a creative statement? The Doodle is for those looking to add a sense of movement and interest to your space. It is fun while remaining elegant. Modern while remaining timeless.

Paradise Chandelier

Paradise Chandelier by Lindsey Adelman
Paradise Chandelier by Lindsey Adelman

This chandelier is inspired by Lindsey Adelman’s travels in California. She partnered with long-time collaborator, Michiko Sakano, a Brooklyn glass artist to create this multi-dimensional piece of art. This piece has orbs, cones, and cylinders in different soft hues suspended using brass or nickel finishes.

Muse Sconce

muse sconce by koket hand decor statement lights unique sconces onyx and brass
MUSE Sconce by KOKET

And last but certainly not least, MUSE by Koket. The ever so delicate brass hand holds up an onyx fan shape. The MUSE will add charm, grace, and elegance to any wall in your home.

Hopefully, this inspired you to not only find statement lights that add to your aesthetic but to find lighting that sparks joy. You create your environment, make it a happy and bright one.

Words by Kelli Gibson

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