Bespoke Furniture Design: The What Is, How to Use & Where to Find

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Your home’s interior design should merge the look you love with the furniture that fits the space and maximizes usability. Pre-made pieces might not match your preferences or serve the right purpose in your home. Or maybe you just love the idea of having a one-of-a-kind furniture design. Bespoke furniture designs are the best way to create a unique decorating layout that’s also practically useful. This guide explains the meaning of bespoke furniture, where you can find it, and how you can use it in your home.

Bespoke Furniture Design: What Is It, How to Use It & Where to Find It

What Is Bespoke Furniture?

If you’ve never heard of bespoke furniture, the term might make you picture elegant carvings or antique designs. It can include styles like that, but it can also be whatever you like. Bespoke furniture means that an expert makes each piece according to your wishes. And while similar to custom furniture, bespoke generally means it is a completely new design, not just a modification of an already established design.

You’ll have the final say in everything from the form to the finishes. Whether you’re designing your dream home or filling your first house, bespoke furniture is the best way to splash your personality in a room while getting pieces that last a lifetime.

Many people order bespoke furniture for specific reasons, like fitting a wardrobe into an irregularly shaped closet. The best types of bespoke furniture are whatever you plan to use long-term. The crafting is an investment, so pieces like your bed, dining sets, or TV cabinets are commonly commissioned designs.

Creating a furniture design from scratch gives you the freedom to customize your home. There are endless possibilities, so this kind of furniture is a popular choice compared to run-of-the-mill catalog pieces or things on display in showrooms.

Which Companies Make Bespoke Furniture Designs?

First, it is important to note that many companies don’t. It requires a team of experts and workshops for custom orders. Big brands find it easier to mass-produce a single line of designs, so you’ll have to look for companies specializing in bespoke furniture.

The best providers will help you jump into the interior design trend without giving you a design someone else has in their home. And while offering up their furniture-making expertise to help you create the perfect piece. Brands like KOKET, Bespoke Furniture Inc., esperiri, Oliver Matthews, Bespoke by Luigi Gentile, and Davison London are a few exceptional choices.

bespoke furniture designs koket divine cabinet donna mondi custom luxury bedroom
Feather adorned bespoke cabinets by KOKET make a stunning statement in this beautiful bedroom designed by Donna Mondi Interior Design

No matter which company you prefer one key element to check is the quality of wood they use. High-quality lumber will be heat and moisture resistant and include a long-lasting sealant. Substituting it for more economical materials reduces the quality and could result in damages after purchase.

Any company worth your time will specialize in the best materials and quality craftsmanship. If you desire a piece that includes luscious upholstery and premium materials, you’ll surely be investing in furniture that’s worth every penny.

What Does Bespoke Design Look Like?

Bespoke furniture offers the freedom to design whatever you’d like, but sometimes that’s hard to picture. When anything’s possible, every choice holds more weight. If you’re unsure where to start, go back to your favorite furniture from years past or whatever digital pictures you like to pin.

Bespoke cabinet design by Italian furniture brand esperiri

Reflect on designs that catch your eye or fit with your interior design. Whatever calls to you is a great place to start thinking about what your bespoke furniture could look like. Blend your favorite styles with unique features, like:

  • A dining table with period carvings
  • A 14th-century four-poster bed
  • A cabinet inspired by your favorite artist

Standard furniture trends like eco-friendly materials, metallic accents, and even French modern elements work beautifully in bespoke pieces. Consider what your home needs and merge them with your favorite furniture elements to craft your dream designs.

Fall in Love With New Designs

Bespoke furniture will for sure live on long into the future of interior design. Hand craftsmanship will always be key to it but we must imagine the 3D printing possibilities too. Dream big and create pieces that serve a purpose and match your personality so your home becomes an even better place to make memories.

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