9 Key Ways to Improve Your Work Performance

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There are perks that come with improved work performance. For starters, good work performance is one of the factors that employers take into account when considering offering promotions and pay rises. If you have a record of good performance with your employer, you stand a better chance to bag such benefits. In addition, improved work performance can assure you of job security, and more career options. It also increases your confidence, gives you a sense of purpose, and helps you become the best version of yourself.

The good thing is that there is always room for improvement. No matter how good you think you are at your job, you can always improve on it. You can always strive to do better at your work to position yourself for the above benefits. Read on for some tips to help you do just that!

9 Ways to Improve Your Work Performance

Keep Away Distractions

Distractions are the number one killer of focus and concentration. We all know that it can be hard to power through a task if you get distracted every five minutes. You compromise the quality of your work, spend so much time on tasks, and even miss important deadlines.

Social media and emails can take away your focus if you keep visiting them every other minute. It is important to set a time for these things or use site-blocking apps to block such websites.

If you are working from home, distractions can be many, especially if you live with noisy roommates or neighbors. Sometimes talking to them doesn’t cut it, you need to put in measures to create a quiet environment for your work. A preferable idea would be to consider home additions or home remodeling by making the changes necessary to create a comfortable home office, with a sufficient place for work-related documents. Soundproofing your room or home office is a good place to start.

Improve Your Work-life Balance

As you try to improve your work performance, it can be easy to concentrate more on your work and neglect your personal life. It is good to know that you can rarely perform better at work if the other side is falling apart. You will be stressed and concentrating on your work can be hard. Having a good work-life balance helps you alleviate stress and build a well-rounded person.

Don’t forget about your personal interests and hobbies. Ensure that your social life is alive so you can have people to share your journey with. In addition, grow your hobby or start one. For instance, taking care of plants is a good way to spend time away from your work. Being around greenery is actually good as it calms the mind and boosts creativity. If you have limited space outdoors, you can always grow indoors in a grow tent. Grow tents are energy efficient, and they protect plants from pests that would otherwise infest them if they were growing in an open environment.

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Embrace Technology

Today we are living in a global pandemic that has completely changed the world as we know it. All of us were forced to adjust to this new reality and try to make things work. Luckily, we also live in a digital era, therefore, technology made life infinitely easier as we embarked on this new challenging and uncertain journey.

As it is, don’t be afraid to try all those digital tools that perhaps you did not embrace before. Use that platform to have virtual meetings and get familiar with different tools that will make life easier, such as ones that allow you to upload and share files faster.

Design Your Home Office for Productivity

Apart from the importance of the work-life balance, you should also pay attention to the place where you work and design it to best fit your needs. One of the simplest ways to improve work performance is the quality of natural light from the windows of your home. The home office should be bright and light to avoid feeling sleepy and tired.

Color also enhances productivity and while it usually depends on your personal preferences, you should keep in mind the type of work that you do. For instance, if you have a job that is quite stressful and requires silence white would be the optimal color as you don’t need extra things to stimulate or overwhelm you. If your job involves analytical thinking and decision-making, blue is good for the mind. Lastly, if you have to be creative in your job, yellow and orange are colors that would get your creativity flowing.

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Let Your Creativity Flow

One of the sure ways to improve work performance is to stop doing things the old way, and instead find innovative ideas to improve on your existing work. Don’t shy away from your original style and instead incorporate it in all that you do. Authenticity is key to enhancing your work performance.

Don’t think of it as a burden, being creative and playful with your mind should be fun and joyful. If there is some new project at your job, be willing to share your thoughts on it. Firstly take the time to reflect on it, afterward brainstorm your ideas. Encourage your coworkers to do the same and you will see positive results in no time.

Break Down Your Goals

Setting personal and professional goals is a good way to create a path for which to follow in order to get to where you desire in life. However, trying to tackle big goals in wholesome can be overwhelming. It is actually the shortest way to procrastinate. Just looking at that humongous goal is enough to get you confused about where to start.

It is okay to set big goals, but if you are to stay motivated, you need to break them down into small reachable milestones. Your inspiration will rise as you hit a milestone after another, and be motivated to keep going. Be sure to track your progress and celebrate small winnings along the way.

Avoid Multitasking

You might think that tackling multiple tasks at a time is a good way to get much done in a short time. However, this can lead to confusion and you might find yourself with many unfinished tasks. Besides, you can easily lose focus as you jump from one task to another.

It is important to have a schedule that you can follow. Prioritize the most important tasks so that you get done with them on time. You will feel much accomplished when important tasks are out of your to-do list in time. Avoid multitasking; complete a task before moving on to another. While not necessarily the easiest of ways to improve work performance for those who are natural multitaskers, this is definitely worth paying attention to.

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Find Value in What You Do

Most people dread waking up in the morning or hate Mondays because of their jobs. They even feel drained from their work routine or are dying from boredom. Why is that so? Chances are they no longer see any grander purpose in what they do, and money is the only thing that’s keeping them from quitting their jobs altogether.

If you find yourself in the groups we just described, no worries as this can be one of the easier ways to improve work performance just by thinking about it. Try to remember why you applied for your job in the first place. Find the things you are passionate about and seek value in your everyday tasks. This way you will feel inspired about your job that will help in the overall productivity.

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Guard Your Health

It can be easy to lose yourself in work and find yourself working for long hours chasing deadlines. While you can achieve what you want in the short term, you can easily run into burnout or body aches in the long run.

It can be hard to keep up with work if your health isn’t in the right standing. At all costs, ensure that you are taking care of your health. Eat well-balanced meals and exercise regularly. Try some cardio outdoors, and do something new by riding a bicycle, for instance. In addition, ensure that you are getting enough rest and sleep, and taking regular breaks in between work.

To Wrap Things Up

Even as you work towards improving your work performance, it is good to recognize that you can only do so much. Your energy levels have a limit, and you have your most productive hours in your day. You also have your strengths and weaknesses. It is important to stay within your healthy limits and structure your day around these factors.

Words by Lena Linetti

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