Discover Mrs. Toolip & Her Stunning Abstract Fluid Art

If you love the free-flowing uniqueness of fluid art and an empowering-mom-story you will love Mrs. Toolip! Born in New Zealand and raised in the Netherlands, where the most beautiful tulips grow, Mrs. Toolip fell in love with art as a child. After traveling the world, living in numerous countries, fulfilling her dream of starting a family, and giving life to four wonderful children all by the age of 28, Mrs. Toolip decided it was time to start a new challenge.

And so began Mrs. Toolip: An Art Collection Like No Other, and a very personal project to help support the future of children around the world.

mrs. toolip fluid abstract art collection

Today, from her home base in Barcelona, Mrs. Toolip transmits her feelings, experiences, and passions through colors and textures on canvas using fluid Acrylics to create original abstract artworks.

She makes her own fluid paint for her pieces and each work of art is created in limited and unique editions. Perhaps one of her most notable signatures is her love for using the colors of nature with a touch of metallic shine. Want to create a custom piece to match your interior? She is ready!

fluid acrylic art by mrs. toolip Japanese street

Read on for a peek inside the creative and inspiring mind of Mrs. Toolip and a preview of her beautiful fluid art!

Discover Mrs. Toolip & Her Stunning Fluid Art

When did your love affair with art begin? And how did it make you feel?

My childhood memories are of playing around canvases, art galleries, and exhibits, they were my playgrounds. Even at this early stage of my life I felt attracted to colors and the smell of paint—they brought me immense joy!

What led up your choice of fluid Acrylics as your preferred medium?

Since I was a child I experimented with watercolors and oil painting, but when I discovered fluid art and especially the accidental technique of the famous Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros I fell in love with it, deciding to follow this journey till today.

mrs. toolip at work acrylic pour painting empowered women empower

What empowers you?

My family, nature, and helping others to achieve a better future.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Having brought 4 wonderful lives into the world and still be young, feeling attractive, and with projects at an international level.

mrs. toolip abstract art fluid acylic pouring

Who is Mrs. Toolip the Woman?

Mrs. Toolip the woman is a mom, artist and entrepreneur.

How do you empower other women?

I empower other women through telling my story and proving that it is feasible to be a woman, a mother, and to be successful, carrying out projects forward. If I, a mom to 4 children under the age of 10, have been able to travel and live halfway around the world and still have time and the desire to do projects and help others…then any other woman with 3, 2, 1, or no children can do it too! It’s motivating to see others with more complex or complicated situations still succeeding!

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Tell us about your decision to donate a percentage of your proceeds to children?

Being a mother you realize many things. Among them how much misery exists in the world. How many children lack resources and opportunities. And definitely, what I do not want for my kids I do not want for others. That’s why I decided to donate a percentage from each sale to help other children around the globe.

What three pieces of advice would you give to a young woman starting her career as an artist?

I would recommend that they believe in themselves, find what motivates and inspires them, and finally and the most important thing, to try and not fear failure!

Do you have any mottos you like to live by? Or favorite empowering quotes?

“Good things come to those who wait”; “What’s cheap turns out to be expensive”; “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”; “The best is yet to come”, and definitely “Don’t let the fear dominate you”!

What’s next for Mrs. Toolip?

Very soon I will open my own gallery and from there I will be able to provide more resources to children, emerging artists, and culture. Of course, I am planning to share with you the new achievements in the future editions of Love Happens Magazine as well!

To explore Mrs. Toolip’s collection of fluid Acrylic art visit

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