Discover Artist Débora Sánchez Viqueira at Casa Decor Madrid

As the most prestigious and credible interior design exhibition in Spain, Casa Decor is one of the most important events in the industry. Since 1992, the annual exhibition has showcased the most exquisite Spanish interior designers. Each year taking place in a different location in the center of Madrid and receiving over 50,000 visitors. For the 2021 edition (May 13 – June 27), Casa Decor took over the unique Casa de Tomás Allende building located at Plaza de Canalejas, 3. And there, in the midst of room after room of talent is the stunning work of artist Débora Sánchez Viqueira.

Discover Débora Sánchez Viqueira’s Abstract Art at Casa Decor Madrid 2021 Exhibition

Meet Débora Sánchez Viqueira

Débora Sánchez Viqueira was born in beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was there during her childhood that she began painting. And there where she took art classes with renowned Argentine masters and developed her passion for creating art using different materials.

Débora went on to study Interior Architecture and Design before moving to Spain and finding her place in the design industry. First in 2002 with Miyabi Casa, a home collection of natural fur products and genuine leathers. Then with Miyabi Contract for commercial projects and DSV by Miyabi Casa showcasing her innate artistry through art leathers.

Today Débora serves as creative director of all three brands, bringing life to the collections through painting and digital art. In addition to her work as creative director, Débora continues to pursue her longtime love for drawing and painting through DSV Art.

An abstract expressionist, her love for contrasting techniques and innovative materials gives her work a three-dimensional appearance. Further, inspired by nature each of Débora’s creations come with serene organic connotations.

DSV at Casa Decor Madrid 2021

In collaboration with Nothing Studio, Débora’s work is featured in four different spaces at the Casa Decor 2021 exhibition. Each work of art was custom-made to perfectly blend and accent the environments designed by Nothing Studio. The works on display come from two of Débora’s most recent series, Sculptural Painting and Abstract Shapes.

In addition to Casa Decor Madrid 2021, Débora’s work has and continues to, give life to interiors and decor collections around the globe. Subsequent to Casa Decor, the talented artist’s work will be exhibited at Madrid’s Van Gogh Art Gallery from July 22 – August 22, 2021. The International Contemporary Art Fair, Monaco will also feature her work from August 27 – August 30.

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Words by Lauren Geiser