The Power of Second Chances at a Premier Recovery Center in the Private Hills of Los Angeles

Hollywood Hills Recovery is all about second chances. And not just because we all deserve them, but because when you experience one that is life-changing, you know they’re worth more than anything. Created from the experiences of its founders, who were given second chances of their own, learned to no longer be defined by their past mistakes, and instead decided to be empowered by them to help save lives. We love stories of empowerment, so when we heard about this LA-based recovery center we had to share!

Nestled in a quiet corner of Hollywood Hills with breathtaking views of the city of Los Angeles sits the beautiful Hollywood Hills Recovery, a premier rehabilitation center ready to help anyone struggling with alcohol or substance abuse. Providing life-altering purposeful recovery built on acceptance, camaraderie, and support is their forte. And lasting change is key to their process.

Founded on Experience, Designed to Give Back

With over 15 years of combined experience, the founders at Hollywood Hills Recovery have all had a history of alcohol and/or substance abuse. They have made their fair share of mistakes, and have come a long way since. Giving back is part of their recovery process, and fits together with their long-term recovery plans. They know firsthand the toughest step toward recovery is recognizing there is a problem and deciding it’s time to make a change. Their personal stories of successful long-lasting recovery give hope to their clients in a way few other recovery facilities can offer.

We build our treatment plans based off of our real-life experiences, your needs, and combine that with both cutting edge and traditional practices for a unique experience that will spark lasting change from within.

Fred Akopyan, Co-Founder

The Hollywood Hills Recovery Process

Through a combination of modern and holistic treatments, the touch of a professional therapist, a personal trainer, the support of family-like staff, and many additional luxury amenities, the Hollywood Hills Recovery process works toward long-lasting recovery and bringing you into their loving community.

One statement on their site sums it up, “Our passion is providing an engaging setting with patient-focused plans and multi-faceted treatments that aren’t built on top of guilt and shame, but from a place of understanding, self-acceptance, love, and support.”

More to Love:

Love Happens When You Love Yourself

HHR’s first step is learning more about the individual history of their clients in order to help them identify the root cause and triggers of their addiction. Then it’s time to tackle these issues and restore their faith in their own ability to recover.

And the care doesn’t stop there, after completing the program, aftercare is available to reduce chances of relapse. Graduate programs involve scholarships to college, constant contact with the HHR team to help with low moments, and alumni programs that provide peer support.

Rooted in their mission to give back and save lives, supported by the most exclusive, unique, and innovative treatments in Los Angeles, and set in ultimate comfort, Hollywood Hills Recovery center offers a perfect recipe for life-long recovery to anyone in need.

The reason for our success is no secret. It’s our simple commitment to fully understanding your struggle and to provide you the most comprehensive, guilt-free treatment you deserve.

Talin Mouradian, CEO