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You could have created some of the most inspiring interior designs ever, but if potential clients cannot see them, how will they know you are the person they need working on their property? Any aspiring interior designer must have an online portfolio they can use to showcase their talents.

There is nothing more empowering than sharing your interior designs online, especially when potential clients view them, and hire you! All you need to know is how to make a portfolio and before you know it, a ton of new opportunities could come your way.

Why Do You Need an Interior Design Portfolio?

A portfolio that displays your previous work is probably the single most important thing you need when hunting for new clients and work. The more work inside that portfolio, the more likely a potential client will hire you.

While we suggest having both, an online portfolio is more efficient than a printed portfolio. This is because you can make changes whenever you want (and not have to reprint them each time) and it is easier to share. Hosted online, all you need to do is send your potential clients a link to the website. Plus, a potential client is more likely to stumble on your online portfolio compared to a hard copy of it.

What to Keep In Mind About Your Online Portfolio?

For one thing, your interior design portfolio needs to look great. You work in a creative field, so there is no excuse for not coming up with something that is aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, the portfolio needs to be responsive. This means visitors using all devices can view your portfolio with ease.

Each visitor should be able to flip through your portfolio without issue, or else they could go somewhere else. Catch the client’s attention with the portfolio and the work shown on it, and you stand a great chance of landing a new gig. Consider using a professional interior design photographer for optimal results.

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Determine Your Target Audience

Do you focus your design talents on homes, or do you also work on other types of properties? Understanding your target audience is important, as you should not focus on too much at the same time. Clients often prefer a specialist and not a jack of all trades.

Create your interior design portfolio using pictures of previous work that match what your target audience may want. Also, be prepared for snippets of constructive criticism. Some people love to point out previous work that may not appeal to them. However, this does not mean that everybody will feel the same way.

Tell Potential Clients About Yourself

There is a reason for ‘About Me’ pages and that is to let your potential clients know more information about you. Try to let people know about your industry experience, where you came from, and what plans you have for the future. Do not write a wall of text though, keep the information quick and to the point.

For clients, hiring an interior designer is not only achieved via examples of previous work. They want to know the type of person you are and whether you would be a good fit for their project. Keep the page professional while highlighting your strong points. Also, mention major companies you might have done work for.

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Think About the Past Work You Want Among Your Samples

When you first set up your online interior design portfolio, you will want to add as much as you can. However, as you fill it up, you can be more selective about the past work you want to share. Do not make the portfolio overly large, but do make sure it shows off different types of designs. Always put the emphasis on quality rather than quantity and only showcase your very best work. If you are not ecstatic about a project, you do not have to include it.

Tell the Story

Photos alone are not enough. You need to sell each of your previous projects via the story of the design. Take them through your inspirations, processes, and thoughts about your projects. The right words could be enough to convince anyone viewing that you are the right designer for the job.

The Final Word

Now that you know about the benefits of using an online portfolio and how it could help you to land future projects, you should take the time to find the right portfolio platform. Wix offers an excellent web-building interface you can use to create an online interior design portfolio for free. You have plenty of other alternatives to consider too. Whatever you choose, just make sure you use the tips above to create an effective, attractive, and professional online portfolio.

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