A Guide to the Most Romantic Places in the World

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A romantic holiday is ALWAYS a good idea! Now, if you want an ultimate love story experience this list of some of the most romantic places in the world is for you!

A Guide to the Most Romantic Places in the World

St. Paul de Vence, France

Instead of modern, concrete roads and skyscrapers, St. Paul de Vence features narrow stone paths with little space for cars. This village is perfect for those who wish to escape bustling and busy lives and indulge in simplicity. Artists of all types visited St. Paul de Vence for inspiration, and the view speaks for itself.

St. Paul de Vence narrow street (Photo Wiki Commons)
St. Paul de Vence narrow street (Photo Wiki Commons)

Surround yourself in the grass paths and stone walls as you gaze out to the sea with your partner. Explore the quiet and peaceful village life as you visit this peek into the past—a world without cars or modern buildings. Let love bloom in this idyllic village.

Of course, the village features several 5-star hotels for when you’re ready to return to modern comforts. Whatever your desire, you’ll find it in this village. St. Paul earns its place as one of the most romantic places in the world due to its rustic charm and freedom.

Bangkok, Thailand

Home to the magnificent Wat Saket temple, Bangkok is known as “[a]n ancient Asian city with an edge.” With soaring nightlife and sprawling street markets, Bangkok is a perfect place for excitement and fun nights with your partner. Sightseeing by day and partying by night, Bangkok offers the perfect balance of romance and thrills for couples looking for a mix of sweet and sexy.

Bangkok, Thailand views (Photo by Jakob Owens / Unsplash)
Bangkok, Thailand views (Photo by Jakob Owens / Unsplash)

Florence, Italy

Stepping back from the thrilling nightlife is a more traditional romantic trip. Florence in Italy is home to numerous cathedrals and galleries for those looking for an enriching experience. Hailed as the capital, Florence was home to the emperor, artists, and lovers for the centuries it has stood. Immerse yourself in halls of art, music, and passionate culture that flows through every street of the city. Sing your love for your partner in the Roman theater or go for a relaxing carriage ride on the stone roads. The city is bustling with history and ready to add your romantic holidays as another one of its historic events.

florence italy couple looking at view
Florence, Italy (Photo by Clay Banks / Unsplash)

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Fairbanks, Alaska

For those who prefer the snow, Fairbanks in Alaska is one of the best places to vacation. First, the chilly weather is perfect for huddling together while hiking. It helps add to the idea of romantic holidays. However, what makes Fairbanks stand out as one of the most romantic places in the world is its status as the ideal place to see the Northern Lights. Occurring all four seasons of the year, the aurora borealis is one of the highlights of the state.

the northern lights fairbanks alaska
The Northern Lights (Photo Wiki Commons)

Share a thermos with your partner as you head out on a hike to watch the lights dance across the sky. For thousands of years, the Northern Lights inspires tales of heroes and legends. And now, take the opportunity to create a tale of love for yourself.

Bora Bora, French Polynesian Paradise

Bora Bora's beautiful villas (Photo FourSeasons.com)
Bora Bora’s beautiful villas (Photo FourSeasons.com)

Have you ever spent a vacation in a villa? How about a villa that lies just above the water? In Bora Bora, a Polynesian island, spend the afternoons enjoying the gentle roars of the sea from the comfort of your place of residence. Watch the sunsets dyeing the ocean from the comfort of your villas alongside the calming waves in one of the most romantic places on Earth.

Algarve, Portugal

One of the largest tourist sites in Europe, what makes the Algarve so romantic is the beautiful crystal-clear waters and nature that surrounds it. Algarve offers impressive sights such as the towering mountains in the distance. From the salty ocean spray to the fresh air of the hiking trails, there is an emphasis on natural beauty. There is no shortage of sights to make memories with.

Landscape on visible through hiking, (Photo Wiki Commons)
Landscape on visible through hiking, (Photo Wiki Commons)

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Niagra Falls, Canada

To continue with the idea of natural beauty, there is Niagara Falls. With dazzling nightly fireworks and the gorgeous spray of the iridescent waterfalls, it is no wonder why it’s such a popular location for proposals. Surround yourself with the calming roars of the rapids as you hold hands with your partner in an everlasting promise of love.

Niagra Falls in winter (Photo by Ravi Patel / Unsplash)
Niagra Falls in winter (Photo by Ravi Patel / Unsplash)

Kyoto, Japan

A beautiful and traditional city drenched in history. Kyoto features a relaxing onsen—a resort developed around a hot spring—and the cherry blossom viewing festival. The cherry blossom is a flowering tree that blooms around the spring season, typically around the March-April season. The soft, pink petals that dance in the wind never fails to convey a romantic feeling. It is as though you’re in a romantic comedy, about to shout, “I love you!” at the top of your lungs.

Cherry Blossom Viewing from Maruyama Park (Photo Wiki Commons)

And once the festival is over, visit the shrines and pay your respects before heading out for the lively city nightlife. Dazzling lights and calm, delicious food await you and your partner before heading back to the hotel.

We hope this guide will help you plan your romantic holidays. Stay safe, enjoy yourself, and happy travels from Love Happens!

Words by Jose Paz-Soldan