Express Yourself With Soulmia and The Graphic Tee

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Express yourself! The time is now to rock that graphic tee reading ‘Perfectly Imperfect’. Reminding the world, yup that’s me, and it’s you too. A forever fashion staple, in 2021 the graphic look is also trendy, with fabulous designs appearing everywhere from affordable to luxury fashion. Whether it’s the adorable baby tee that reads ‘I Got It From My Mama’, or the politically charged ‘Human’ shirt, people will always love a great slogan artfully applied to clothing. If you love the Graphic Tee as much as we do then you must meet international online fashion brand Soulmia with its fabulous Graphic series, and SO much more in women’s apparel and accessories.

Express Yourself With Soulmia and The Graphic Tee

Meet Soulmia

Launched in the Summer of 2020, Soulmia is an online shopping destination offering a collection of distinguished items for a lifestyle of fashionable comfort. Today, just over a year in business, with over 700,000 subscribers, and millions of dollars in sales, it’s safe to say consumers are loving it. Available online and via the brand App, Soulmia customers from around the globe come for the vast selection of high-quality and well-priced products. And of course a dose of expressionism!

The GRAPHIC Series

With the brand slogan set as ‘Yoursoulf Zone’, Soulmia hopes that everyone can embrace their true self with style. As such, the brand strives to champion fashion that embraces emotional expression. And what better way to express yourself through fashion than with a graphic statement across your chest? So, of course, they created a line of Graphic apparel to help their customers express themselves.

love wins soulmia graphic tees black rainbow
Love Wins Graphic Tee by Soulmia

Unique designs and slogans coupled with exceptional cotton comfort, Soulmia’s Graphic series quickly gained customer notoriety and became the brand’s bestseller. And while tees came first, today the series comes in a variety of styles, including crop tops, tank tops, swimwear, dresses, and hoodies. Currently, Soulmia’s Graphic category has more than 6,000 styles, many independently designed by the owners.

Why You NEED a Graphic Tee?

Either for making a statement or just to look badass, graphic tees always look great with some jeans and a cute heel. Or maybe for those days when you just wanna wear sweatpants to the supermarket and have a t-shirt to complete the “don’t bother me” look. Graphic tees say it all for themselves, so imagine having to say nothing and just letting your t-shirt make the talking for you? And, of course, they are the perfect gift for a friend or family member—maybe gift a “Bee Your Own Beautiful Self” Tee to your bestie. Or an “Aunticorn: Like a Normal Aunt But More Awesome” Tee to your favorite auntie! If you have something personal to say you can also try custom t-shirt printing to create your very own unique graphic tee.

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And More!

While Graphics are a Soulmia specialty, the shopping does not stop there! In addition to tees, the site also offers a diverse selection of Women’s Swimwear, Dresses, and Accessories, including a special category for all the fabulously Curvy ladies out there, and a section for Men. With 400,000 products and counting and more than 500 daily updates, Soulmia is the ultimate one-stop-shop for budget-conscious fashionistas who crave authentic yet powerful forms of self-expression.

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