Everything You Need to Know About Humid-Proofing Your Hair for a Frizz-Free Look

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If you are someone who wakes up to silky smooth hair even during the hot and moist humid air of summer—you are a lucky few. However, not all are so lucky. That is why we are here to provide you with some frizz-free hair maintenance advice.

Hot weather can mean frizz for most people with damaged or dry hair. If you have this type of hair, have you ever wondered why your hair acts as if it has its own mind when it hits the heat?

The moisture in the air bonds with the hair shaft, causing the frizz we all despise and are all too familiar with.

High moisture levels in the air can cause your hair to weigh down or your curls to swell, besides frizz.

Frizz and humidity are not your BFFs if you have straight hair, as they can affect you as well.

We believe that hot days should be spent lounging on the beach sipping a Pina Colada rather than fiddling with your comb and frizz sprays. So read on for tips on how to un frizz your hair once and for all!

5 Tips for Humid-Proofing Your Hair for a Frizz Free Look

Choose the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner combination if your hair is extremely damaged and frizzy.

You can also use pre-shampoo treatments like oiling with a hydrating oil, such as amla or jojoba, to help moisturize your hair before shampooing.

Use a Leave-In Conditioner

Because we wash away the conditioner with the water while showering, hair must now be moisturized before going outside or styling. 

Try using a leave-in conditioner after you’ve used the conditioner in the shower.

They are companies that make lightweight, non-heavy leave-in conditioners with patented formulas, so you don’t have to worry about product buildup or it weighing down your hair. 

Wear Your Hair Up

If you have extremely frizzy hair and do not want to put in too much heat styling your hair in the extreme humid season, try putting up your hair in a bun. 

If you are someone with beautiful tight curls or wavy texture because of the composition of hair, you are prone to face more frizz.

So choosing a style that is more appropriate for your hair type is essential. Beautiful buns are effortless, and as for the minimum flyway, you can spray some frizz free hair spray to fix it.

Try a Serum!

Just like leave-in conditioners, serum protects the outermost layer of the hair.

Serums mostly have silicones, and while it is up for debate, a little silicon doesn’t hurt anybody. 

Silicones help in frizz control by giving hair more body. It can coat your hair and lock in the natural pattern in your hair. 

Some serums also have proteins -hydrolyzed Proteins. These proteins can help with the static charge in your hair, which causes frizz and flyaway. 

Get Creative

You don’t always need fancy tools or products to make your hair look neat without the frizz. 

Sometimes you need a hint of CREATIVITY!

There are many faux ponytails and wigs available on the market. You can buy them online or offline in whatever cut, color, and type you want. 

If you find wigs to be unnatural, opt for u part wigs. They look extremely natural and can sit beautifully in your head.

Wigs ensure you look amazing without you even damaging your hair with heat tools. Plus, no more worries about the flyaways. 


Humidity can play havoc with your hair, but with simple changes in your routine, you can tame the frizz. Don’t let the humid air take control of your hair, instead win it back with small measures for the perfect frizz free look. 


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