Are You Ready To Date Again: Here Are 5 Signs You Are

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Dating or being in a romantic relationship has always been perceived as complex and mysterious yet exciting and fun. It can be complex and mysterious in a way that no relationship will ever be the same or will happen twice.

On the other hand, despite its complexities and mysteries, you can’t deny that dating or being in a relationship can be enjoyable and exciting. You’ll have a partner with whom you can do things with, such as explore, travel, and eat wherever you want. This person is typically someone you believe to have the same interests and intentions as you.   

No matter how seemingly perfect a relationship might be at the start, breakups still happen if the person really isn’t the one for you. And even if it’s your first time or fifth time to go through a breakup, it still is tough and, often, mentally and emotionally draining.

Thus, many people spend weeks, months, or even years trying to heal their broken hearts and be back with their old selves again. But if there’s anything harder than a breakup, it’s figuring out if you’re fully ready to date again.   

Are You Ready to Date Again?

Figuring out if you’re ready or not depends on your present state. Some find it easier to recover from a breakup and get themselves out there again, while others may take a lot longer. The best way to find out is by evaluating yourself objectively. Remember, you don’t have to force yourself to date if you’re still uncomfortable with the thought.

To help christian singles in this dating department, here are five signs showing that you are ready to step out into the dating life again and start something new:

You Know What You Want in Your Next Relationship

Recovering from an awful breakup is not easy. But the good thing is, the time you spend healing is actually doing you good. Those months or years of being alone can help you slowly pick yourself up again, reflect on your past relationship, and take out some important lessons from it. Once you’ve realized the lesson, you’ll stop regretting or mourning about it and instead feel grateful for the experience.   

Your recovery months are also a good time for discovering more about yourself and reading scriptures on waiting on God for a spouse to know more about the things or qualities you want in your next relationship. As you have gathered your lessons and understand yourself more, it’ll be easier for you to pinpoint the qualities you want from your future partner and the overall relationship.   

Don’t worry. You don’t need to figure out your entire future ahead. But it would be easier to dive into dating again if you know which qualities to look out for in a partner and which are deal-breakers. This way, it’ll also be easier for you to scratch off some people and not waste time on them, and instead focus on the person with greater potential.

Life’s full of surprises and amazement. You never know when things can even work in your favor. Maybe, three months from now, you’ll be deeply in love with someone, and may secretly be looking for Valentine’s Day ideas to express your feelings. 

You’re Not Feeling Bitter About Your Ex Anymore  

Another huge sign that you’re ready to dive into dating again is if you’ve completely moved on from your ex. Moving on from your ex-lover isn’t something that can happen overnight. It often happens slowly, and some people even take years before they fully recover and move on.

Engaging yourself in new relationships while you’re still hurting from your previous significant other, just calls for a disaster. There’s a tendency that you’ll only be using your new date as a rebound. What’s worst, some may only be dating to make their ex jealous. 

To help you distinguish if you’ve moved on or not, here are some common signs that you’re still not over your ex: 

  • Constantly checking their social media accounts 
  • Keeping tabs of what they’re doing 
  • Asking mutual friends about your them 
  • Still keeping their things in your room 
  • Storing their number or photos on your phone 
  • Consciously or unconsciously bringing up your ex in conversations 
  • Still feeling mad about the breakup 
  • Silently hoping that they’ll come back
  • Constantly compare your ex to your new dates 

If you’re doing one or all of these things, it’s best not to engage yourself in any new relationships yet and instead focus on healing.  

On the flip side, if you’re not doing any of these and you’ve finally made peace with your past, it’s a good sign that you’re ready to commit again. So, if you’re thinking of going on dates again, assess yourself if you’re free from any emotional baggage from your previous relationship.

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You Feel Excited About Meeting Other People  

Usually, if you recently got out of a horrible or toxic relationship, the idea of dating again would be too overwhelming and nerve-wracking for you. Some would even swear they would never date again. It’s normal to feel this way, especially if your previous relationship has severely damaged your perception of love and relationships. But remember that this feeling will eventually fade and, if you’re wondering when, it’s all up to you. 

Perhaps after a few months or years of being alone and making the most of it, you suddenly felt that spark or urge of wanting to date again. Once you feel this tingling feeling of excitement about the idea of dating, everything changes. You start opening yourself to social gatherings and meeting up potential dates. You may also find yourself using dating apps again. Perhaps, you can also date while traveling. North America’s romantic ambiance, for example, will do all the healing for you. 

Dating is a fun and exciting experience, and once you see it that way again, it’s a positive sign that you’ve moved on and you’re ready to fall in love again.  

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You’ve Become More Independent  

Your independence plays a vital role in determining whether you’re ready to date again or not. Before you begin putting yourself out there, you need to ensure that you’re completely yourself again. It’s hard to invest in serious commitments if you’re still feeling incomplete, broken, dependent, and incapable of handling yourself emotionally. 

Remember that dating is not about finding someone to fix you or complete you. Instead, it’s about finding someone because you’re simply ready to give love again. The only way you can love another human being is if you’re fully capable of loving and taking care of yourself.  

So, while healing from heartbreak, use this time for self-fulfillment, creating your own happiness, finding your true identity, and doing hobbies and passions that build you up. Having a clear sense of self is a great way to start a positive and healthy dating experience.  

You’re Willing to Communicate and Compromise 

Many people are already aware that communication and compromise are essential ingredients in relationships. There’ll be times wherein you and your partner will have different sets of needs and demands.

Instead of fighting over whose needs come first, you must both know how to give and take equally. You need to ensure that your partner’s needs are met the same way they’re meeting yours.

However, if you feel that you’re not 100% ready to compromise on anything, such as your independence, time, or life as a whole, then it’s best to think twice before diving into a relationship with someone else. 

To Wrap Up

As expected, it’s not always easy to bounce back after your previous relationship, and that’s okay and completely normal. Healing yourself will eventually take some time, courage, and strength, but the good news is, it’s always worth it in the end. So, keep doing you, and soon enough, these signs will start showing up. By then, you’ll be fully ready to take a leap for love again.