9 Secrets Eyelash Artists Won’t Tell You

9 secrets eye lash artists wont tell you

Lash artists help us achieve those long and flawless lashes which make us feel confident and glammed up.

However, every artist has secrets, and lash artists are no exception.

Some lash artists don’t disclose their secrets in order to prevent clients from discontinuing their services.

Some of these secrets can help you save money by reducing the number of lash appointments you need to make and even make your lashes last longer.

9 Secrets Lash Artists Won’t Tell You

1. You Can Remove Lash Extensions Safely At Home

Many eyelash artists will tell you that it is not safe to remove your lash extensions on your own.

Although there are a few artists who don’t charge for lash removal, most of them charge a fee of $25-$50.

If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t go to the salon and you need to remove your extensions, there are a few ways you can do it yourself.

  • Never pluck or pick off your lash extensions. This will damage your natural lashes and stunt their growth.
  • Taking a hot shower can help loosen your extensions.
  • Cleanse your face with an oil-based cleanser for a few nights to dissolve the lash glue.
  • Use a good quality eyelash remover like the Lashify Melt Away Gossamer Eyelash Remover to dissolve the lash glue.

2. Some Eyelash Extensions Can Infect Your Eye And Cause Discomfort

Most eyelash artists will tell you that eyelash extensions are very safe for your eyes. 

While they are not wrong, improper application or applying the wrong kind of lashes can definitely affect your eyes.

Thick and heavy lash extensions can prevent sufficient air from entering into your eye and cause it to dry quicker. They trap dirt and bacteria which can cause infections.

Long and heavy extensions will also hurt your natural lashes by putting stress on them. They can even stunt their growth.

Because of this, it is important you choose lightweight lash extensions which are safe for your eyes and natural lashes.

Lashify eyelash extensions are safe and lightweight lashes which not only look natural on your eyes but are also easy to apply.

With these lashes, you will feel like you have nothing on your eyes unlike other heavy and fake looking lashes which weigh your eyes down.

3. Some People Might Be Allergic To Lash Glue

Many lash artists use lash glue which contains formaldehyde. This chemical can cause allergic reactions in some people.

If you are getting lash extensions for the first time, be clear about your allergies and do a patch test with the adhesive.

Even if a lash artist tells you that it is safe, it is always better to check first.

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4. Satin Or Silk Pillowcases Can Help Your Lash Extensions Stay On Longer

Satin or silk pillowcases can help prevent premature falling of your extensions.

Pillowcases made from cotton or other stiff materials can cause drying and snagging of your lashes.

5. An Eyelash Sealer Will Help Your Lashes Last Longer

A lash sealant extends the life of your adhesive and secures your lash extensions for a longer period of time.

It is recommended to apply it once every morning.

6. You Can Apply Lash Extensions On Your Own

Who said you have to go to a lash artist to get your lashes done?

You can easily apply your own lash extensions at home with the help of Lashify’s control kit.

7. You Don’t Have To Go To A Salon To Get A Lash Refill

Lash refills can be expensive depending on the salon.

But why go to a salon when you can purchase your own lash refills?

With Lashify, you can purchase refills whenever you need them.

8. An Eyelash Fixer Is Not Absolutely Necessary

Some lash artists will try to sell you an eyelash fixer by saying that it is absolutely necessary for your lashes to last longer.

In reality, an eyelash fixer helps in maintaining the shape of your lashes.

9. If The Lashes Fall Off Faster Than Usual, It Is Not Always The Client’s Fault

Although in most cases lashes fall off faster than usual because the client does some things she is not supposed to, it can also be the lash artist’s fault.

This can happen due to incorrect application or techniques. 

To Wrap Up

Some lash artists do choose to share their secrets and we love it when they do that! If you have any questions about your lash extensions, don’t hesitate to ask your lash artist.

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