Decoration Ideas to Make Your Whole Home Radiate Warmth This Holiday Season

At Love Happens we love the holiday season! Especially because it means we get to decorate with holiday spirit. A spirit that radiates hope, happiness, and comfort. If you are looking for some new holiday season decoration inspiration to take your home to holiday bliss, this article is for you! So, read on as we explore 8 of our favorite ways to bring in the warmth this holiday season.

8 Holiday Decoration Ideas to Make Your Home Radiate Warmth This Season

1. Start With a Holiday Color Palette

Never forget to select the perfect color palette before planning anything. According to different holiday seasons, there are many color themes out there. So pick your favorite and remember not to go overboard. Just choose one or two solid colors for decorative balance. And feel free to change up the color palette based on the room, or keep the same theme throughout the whole house.

2. Decorate Your Front Door

The first thing seen when arriving at your house is the door, which is why decorating it is key and super simple! You can use colorful ribbons, wreaths, branches of Christmas trees, or ornaments, etc. This will give your door a very classy yet decorative holiday look. You can go over the top or keep it simple; either way, a decorated door will attract and form an excellent first impression.

holiday decoration ideas front doors with wreaths Christmas - getty images

You might even expand your area of decoration through the whole porch. Your porch is the perfect place to show off your holiday spirit as well. And with a little creativity, you can transform your porch into a veritable winter wonderland. With traditional strings of lights wrapped around the trees or the porch area and with Christmas inflatables designed especially to adjust your porch, you can create a scene that every passerby will appreciate. These inflatables come in a variety of shapes and can manifest any Christmas character or symbol: from custom inflatable Grinch and Christmas inflatable trees to more extravagant giant inflatables. So fill your house inside out with decorations to create the Holiday atmosphere and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

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3. Take a Look at Your Staircase

If you are looking for other great places to decorate, do not forget about your staircase. It will look great dressed up! A decorated staircase will add to your festive cheer and make your house look fuller and cozier. Decorate the rails and finials with banners and ribbons, string lights, and such. They all will give your staircase a stunning holiday season look. Adding to the overall beauty of your home.

TruGlow Candles by Lights4fun US - staircase decorations
TruGlow Candles by Lights4fun US

4. Consider Your High Ceilings

If you are blessed with a high ceiling in your living room, this is the perfect opportunity to decorate it. Wait no longer, get the considerable tree you have always wanted in your house, and place it in your living room now. Not only will this make your home look good, but it will bring great holiday cheer!

holiday decoration ideas koket christmas kelly sofa pink gem lamp luxury living room
Decor by KOKET

5. Framed Art Messages

If you are looking for a different idea, try decorating with framed art messages for an added sense of meaning. There are many ways you can execute this idea, from any simple message in the form of framed wall art or photos to any critical, motivational, or uplifting messages. It will give the walls of your home a new and aesthetic look. It all depends on what you are going for and what you truly want.

desenio holiday collection wall art
The Holiday Collection by Desenio

6. Don’t Forget the Windows

When you think of decorating your home this holiday season, be sure to consider your windows. People who look at your house from the outside will absolutely appreciate this. Make use of your lovely ornaments beyond a tree and decorate your home windows with them. But make sure you do not overdo it all, as a heavily decorated window will just not do the trick. At the end of the day, it is all about your enjoyment but never go too overboard with any of it because too much of everything is not good.

7. Incorporate Scent

Home fragrance is an often overlooked element of home decorating. But if you consider all your senses smell is a great way to complete the atmosphere. Candles, home sprays, potpourri, diffusers, whatever you prefer. And keep in mind here, the smell does not have to be a traditional holiday scent, the most important thing is that you enjoy it and that it does not overpower.

home fragrance koket reed diffuser empowering scent
Empowering Scent by KOKET

8. Decorate Your Mantel

If you have a fireplace, you will definitely want to decorate it! Greenery and string lights are always a classic look. Check out Pinterest for other ideas, always a great DIY holiday decorating source. If you don’t have a fireplace, or even if you do!, consider your kitchen countertops or cabinets. These surfaces can be a great place to place scented candles or beautiful tabletop ornaments. And if you are really feeling in the decorating and sprucing up spirit, consider an easy kitchen cabinet refinishing for an even more beautiful look.

holiday decoration ideas Serpentine Mirror by KOKET fireplace mantel Christmas decor
Serpentine Mirror by KOKET

Wrapping Up

While decorating your home for the holiday season can take some time, the feeling it creates is always so worth it! We hope these holiday decoration ideas help you select and perfectly execute your home decor this season. We are sure you will crush it!

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