Louis 200: The Iconic Trunks

louis 200 vuitton steamer trunk lv

Two hundred years ago, an extraordinary journey was about to begin, as the one who would forever change fashion history was born: Louis Vuitton. It all started when he created his own handcrafted travel trunks.

As part of the Louis 200 bicentennial commemorations, two hundred visionary artists created a collection of trunks. These artists had the opportunity to make the changes they wanted to the product. The only requirement made was that the original format and dimensions be respected.

It is important to mention that the Louis Vuitton brand donated money to 15 art education organizations as part of the project!

Can you imagine the history of fashion without the iconic Louis Vuitton brand? We cannot! So, in order to celebrate the 200th birthday of Louis Vuitton Trunks, join us to retrace some of the steps of this iconic designer and get to know some of the chest recreations made by the artists.

200 Years of Louis Vuitton Trunks

The History of the LV Trunk

Louis Vuitton was a pioneer and a revolutionist in the fashion market, especially in luxury bags. The designer started creating trunks by hand. Besides that, its own monogram stands out from the rest to this day.

At the age of 16, Louis Vuitton moved to Paris and began his career in this market. In 1858, released the first Louis Vuitton trunk.

Vuitton stood out so much from its competition because it created a waterproof fabric for the outside of the trunks and the shapes were flat rather than curved. Later, a unique lock system with two spring buckles was created. Thus, security also started to be one of the relevant aspects of trunks.

Since its launch until now, the outstanding designer has had to innovate, namely in the materials used, but without ever losing its fundamental characteristics.

Talented Artists Recreate Trunks: Some of The Favorites

Peter Marino

This recreation was one of the most popular, and rightfully so! The wonderful design includes tight leather straps for added security. The inspiration for this piece by the renowned Peter Marino was Harry Houdini because he was handcuffed and chained to the trunk and took very little time to free himself.

Louis vuitton Trunk by Peter Marino
Trunk by Peter Marino (Photo Courtesy of Louis Vuitton)

More to Love:


Jean Michel Othoniel

The inspiration for the creation of “Trunk of Hope” took place in India. The most important thing is the message that this artist leaves us through this piece: to help the people of India to make their dreams come true. The main materials used were glass bricks.

Louis 200 Trunk by Jean Michel Othoniel
Trunk by Jean Michel Othoniel (Photo Courtesy of Louis Vuitton)


In order to celebrate Louis 200, the exquisite French glove designer Thomasine created a trunk called “A Song for Louis”. So the trunk is a kind of cage. The recycled leather structure is a distinguishing factor.

louis vuitton trunk by thomasine gloves
Trunk by Thomasine (Photo Courtesy of Louis Vuitton)

Franky Zapata

A flying chest? Does it sound strange to you? But the truth is that this was the objective of Franky Zapata, who was inspired by his own profession as a pilot.

louis vuitton trunk by franky zapata
Trunk by Franky Zapata (Photo Courtesy of Louis Vuitton)

Immersive Cult

This trunk is the realization of social freedom. Through this creation, they imagined a creature locked inside a box and then the explosion of magic took place.

Louis 200 Trunk by Immersive Cult
Trunk by Immersive Cult (Photo Courtesy of Louis Vuitton)

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Words by Sílvia Oliveira