The Perfect Essential Oils for Each Room in Your Home

essential oils for your home

While the therapeutic benefits of essential oils are still under debate, the fact about essential oils is that they smell great, can freshen up a room, and encourage energy or calmness depending on the blend of oils used. So if you are looking to add scent to your interior decor read on to discover the perfect essential oils for each room in your home!

Essential Oils & Armoatherapy

Essential oils are pure oils extracted directly from plants and flowers, and processed into highly concentrated scents. Some users dilute the oils to treat bug bites and as a home remedy for joint paints, but most people use the oils undiluted as part of aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy has a growing popularity among people nowadays, known for its health benefits like decongesting sinuses and alleviating stress. In fact, aromatherapy searches went up 70% over the past few years, with more people swearing by their essential oils.

Freshening Up Your Home

Essential oils may do a great deal in freshening up your living space, but don’t forget that home cleaning is still as important in making sure your home is spotless and pristine! Take time off from your day to properly clean your home, and you can opt to use essential oils to make your cleaning so much more refreshing! If you don’t have time to clean your home, you should so look into part-time maids who can help you with cleaning tasks around the house. Professional cleaners may sound like the service would cost you an arm and a leg, but part-time maids offer their basic cleaning services at more affordable rates!

Essential Oil Diffusers

There are many ways to diffuse essential oils into the rooms of your home. Some companies make an automated diffuser that sprays diluted scents in timed intervals for consistent aromatherapy, but you can also place some diluted essential oils in a spray bottle and DIY the diffusing. There are also candle diffusers and stick diffusers available for essential oils.

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Must-have Essential Oil Blends for Each Room

Orange, Lemon, and Grapefruit for Your Kitchen

 Does your kitchen constantly smell like old, stale food, grease, and burnt cooking oil? A blend of citrus fruits would help remove some of those odours! First, clean your kitchen thoroughly, and spray around a diluted mixture of orange, lemon, and grapefruit, or any other scents that you like for a kitchen that will make you want to eat healthier and cook more!

Vanilla and Peppermint for Your Bath

Vanilla and peppermint are classic blends that work perfectly during Christmas, but they’re great in your bath as well! Add a few drops of each oil in your warm bath for the ultimate relaxation, or place them in a candle diffuser for a stronger scent. Immerse yourself in the sweet and minty smells of vanilla and peppermint – just like a clear Christmas morning!

For your bathroom, vanilla and peppermint do well as the last step in the cleaning process. Cleaning a bathroom isn’t the most glamorous chore, but it is important in the upkeep of your home. Finishing your bathroom cleaning with vanilla and peppermint leaves your bathroom with a clean scent!

Lavender Essential Oils for Better Sleep

Lavender is one of the most popular scents, as it reportedly gives you a calmer feeling and cures headaches, insomnia, and sleep apnea. While those claims have yet to be proven, there is no doubt that the smell of lavender in a bedroom can help anyone drift off to a peaceful slumber! Just make sure you don’t diffuse the oil in a heated diffuser overnight for safety.

Jasmine and Bamboo for Your Living Room

Jasmine and Bamboo essential oils are invigorating, as they are both calming yet productive. The living room, where you may spend most of your day, would benefit from an invigorating ambiance scented with Jasmine and Bamboo essential oils. 

Keep a stick diffuser in your living room, and top it off with some essential oils every now and then for a pleasing aesthetic, and a 24/7 aromatherapy. Some stick diffusers come in different designs, and you can use them as conversation pieces when you have guests over.

Ylang Ylang Blends for Your Home Office

Ylang Ylang is known for its anti-stress capacity, especially when blended with other scents like Lemongrass, Bergamot, or Eucalyptus. If you are constantly stressed at work while in your home office, having a diffuser with Ylang Ylang blends might help alleviate some of your stress!

Of course, the source of your stress won’t go away, but minimizing your stressors is a great way to maintain your mental health. Take a mid-afternoon meditation to unwind, clean out your desk and documents of clutter, and do a little office dusting for optimal productivity in the workplace!

Tea Tree and Cedarwood for Your Closet

Tea tree essential oil gives off a refreshing, clean scent while Cedarwood is a rustic scent reminiscent of pine forests. Both repel insects that love to feed on clothes while giving your clothes a clean feel at the same time. Place a few drops on some cedarwood chips or hangers, and let the essential oils diffuse their scent into your fabrics – no fabric refresher required!

You can use Tea tree and Cedarwood for any fabric storage, but don’t forget to clean your fabrics and clothes first! These essential oils should be the last step in the laundry process, not replacing it. You’ll get the freshest clean from using essential oils after you’ve done your laundry, drying, and pressing.

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