How to Style the Leggings Look for Everyday Use, a Party, or a Workout

devil walking printed leggings looks

Leggings are a snug, comfy, and super stylish evergreen fashion trend, but you already know that. What we’re about to give you today is a full guide for composing the ultimate leggings look for all types of purposes and occasions—from that party calendar event to the regular session in the gym and everything in between.

All-black fashion leggings, solid fitness leggings, and top-line printed leggings—here is how to design a striking look with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.

How to Style the Perfect Printed Leggings Look?

Printed leggings have ruled the everyday and rave fashion world for years now. They are springy, elastic, and stamped with a variety of thematic motifs – from classic animal prints to high-tech futuristic looks, goth designs, punk, and chic picks.

So – how to make your chosen model stand out by combining it with the perfect overall styling?

Styling Printed Leggings For Everyday Use

Using printed leggings as everyday apparel is a bold thing to do indeed. To keep your look balanced, you can use them as a focal motif of the outfit, keeping all other elements as simplistic as possible. So, here is one way to proceed:

  • Choose a monochrome top that has a matching color with your leggings. Matching the fabrics is not necessary here – you can easily put a cotton tee on a pair of spandex leggings and still look superb.
  • Match the color of your shoes with the color of your top. Leggings are universal enough to look good with anything from flat sports shoes to high-platform heels. All you need to do is mind the color spectrum.

  • Avoid mixing different patterns, shapes, and motifs that are incompatible with the print on the leggings. The more complex the leggings – the simpler the rest of your garments are expected to be.
  • Keep the print motif in mind when accessorizing to form a consistent look. Your backpack, face mask, bandana, or scrunchie can share a print with your leggings for bonus style points.

And, finally – enjoy yourself!

printed legging looks black and white devil walking

Styling Printed Leggings For a Party or a Rave

Printed leggings and wild parties are a couple made in heaven. High-quality spandex and lycra models just have it all – the looks, the feel, and the ultimate freedom to move, dance, jump, and have the time of your life with zero restrictions for the body.

Here, you can go way bolder when styling your leggings’ look. So, here is what you do in order to own the rave in style:

  • Go for a two-piece printed outfit. It can be either matching or hand-picked – it’s all okay, as long as you don’t mix some totally incompatible print schemes.
  • Choose a cheeky top to round out your style. Rave fashion is nothing like everyday fashion, so dare to go bold – with an elastic boob tube, a cold-shoulder crop top, or a sexy bra top that will make all jaws drop.
  • Accessorize to the fullest. A printed bandana, a neon glow stick, a couple of glistening face stickers, or a pair of glitter boots – the bolder, the better!

At the end of the day, parties, festivals, and raves are all about freedom – so feel free to experiment with your looks and enjoy the result.

devil walking printed leggings

What about Animal Prints?

Leggings with animal prints are a world on their own. Still, they share the styling fundamentals with all other printed leggings. Or else said: you’d be wise to use them as a focal garment in everyday use and complement them with matching pieces for a more off-beat party look.

This goes for leopard prints, snakeskin prints, and other more eccentric alternatives such as zebra, octopus, tiger, or butterfly prints.

purple leopard print leggings

serpentine sconce koket animal inspired design

How to Style Black Leggings for a Gorgeous Look?

Black leggings are amazingly easy to style because they simply look stunning with a large variety of blouses, sweaters, jackets, and tops. Some alternatives to consider when styling a black leggings look include:

  • A monochrome top, a denim jacket, and a pair of Oxford shoes;
  • An oversized hoodie and a pair of savage motor boots;
  • A colorful crop top and a pair of white women’s sneakers;
  • A knitted sweater and a pair of ankle boots;
  • An oversized tee and a pair of running shoes.

Or else said – you can form an outfit that precisely matches your understanding of style, comfort, and sporty-elegant balance.

Styling Solid Leggings for a Workout

Workout, yoga, and fitness leggings have a more solid construction, made to gently mold the forms of the body and provide ultimate support during dynamic body movements. Styling these models is as easy as cake since they usually come in bundles with different sports tops, just as solid and supportive.

Once you pick your active shoes, you can choose a top between:

  • A high-impact, medium-impact, or low-impact bra top for workouts;
  • A moisture-wicking and form-fitting standard length tops for fitness;
  • Running, yoga, or fitness t-shirts with a chosen design, etc.

Here, you can mind the styling basics of printed and black leggings mentioned above. But, put your comfort and safety above all, and form your own fitness style to skyrocket both your appearance and your results – then go become the best version of yourself!

black leggings looks

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