Getting Into Italian Beauty? Here Are 6 Classic Italian Brands to Know

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Italian culture is all at once vibrant, elegant, laid-back, and colorful. The celebration of nature’s bounties and proud heritage extends to the creation of indulgent skincare products. Through the employment of time-honored processes and science, they produce cult Italian beauty faves that deliver actual results.

Top brands use a rich assortment of flowers, plant products, and honey in their skincare products. Italians keep it simple with fewer but higher-quality natural substances.

Arte di annarcarsi, the Italian’s inclination to live slowly but in the best way possible, is reflected in the pleasures they enjoy most. Fresh pizza Margherita, a bold Italian red, and beauty products are quintessentially indulgences made of the simplest, high-quality ingredients.

Splurge a little on skincare with these top luxury Italian beauty brands worth checking out:

1. Ortigia Sicilia 

The brand has Italy infused in its science-backed formulations. Ortigia’s selection of scents, colors, and highly aesthetic packaging celebrates the exotic tropical paradise of Sicily. Featuring a palette of vibrant summer hues and sunny pastels, Sue Townsend created their mesmerizing package designs.

Ortigia Sicilia creates a line of luxurious scents, creams, and candles made by small family companies. They take pride in using natural ingredients like olive oil, which the region has produced for centuries. Further, their products are paraben-free and not tested on animals.

Ortigia’s Florio bath salts are amazing for soothing tired bodies and skin. It uses 100% Sicilian sea salt and natural perfumes that exude the scent of Sicilian spring wildflowers like narcissus, jasmine, and wild iris.


acca kappa top italian beauty brands

Founded in 1869, Acca Kappa is enmeshed with the story of the Krull family, who set up their old factory in Treviso. They are an iconic Italian beauty brand with a great selection of body care and wellness products, hairbrushes, and dazzling fragrances.

Some of the most high-end boutiques carry the brand and publications highlighting top luxury brands often feature them. Guided by a green philosophy that champions environmental practices, Acca Kappa also produces goods inspired by botanicals found in verdant Italian gardens.

Finally, their Natural daily face cream is a crowd favorite. Loaded with active ingredients, it hydrates, brightens, and tones skin.

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3. Borghese

borghese top luxury Italian beauty brands

Founded by Princess Marcella Borghese, the brand’s roots go deep into Italian heritage. They create skin products inspired by the rejuvenating properties of Tuscan thermal springs. Borghese’s Fango Active Mud Mask is an iconic product in the world of beauty that launched them to fame in the ’80s.

Scientific breakthroughs since their first product launch have led to the creation of their oft-recommended Advanced Fango Active Purifying Mud Mask. The mask claims to help detoxify, exfoliate, while also minimizing pores and fine lines using a blend of survivalist plant extracts.

4. Perlier 


Among the most respected brands in Italian beauty for over 80 years now is Perlier, a household name that makes scientifically formulated skincare products with high-quality natural ingredients.

They have their own Biological Research Center in La Carignana. Where a solid team of scientists and agricultural specialists is dedicated to coming up with premier and effective beauty treatments. Moreover, they don’t test any of their products on animals.

Perlier boasts of a pesticide and insecticide-free 150-acre land, home to some of their top product ingredients, including fresh flowers, honey, and healthy plant varieties. Some of the top faves by fans include the Organic Shea Butter Mousse with Sweet Almond Milk and the Imperial Honey Marvelous Bath & Shower Cream.

The Shea Butter Mousse promises to hydrate and moisturize dry skin with natural almond ingredients from their farm in Turin. Meanwhile, the Imperial Honey Marvelous Bath & Shower Cream is a beauty treatment that contains rejuvenating properties thanks to its 100% natural essential oils and its star ingredient, honey from black bees.

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5. Skin & Co. 

skin & co beauty products luxury hand cream

The brand’s Mediterranean spirit of living is reflected behind its formulations. An approach that includes promoting a slow and steady beauty process with lasting results. 

They harness the power of the phenomenal Black Winter Truffle to come up with products based on ever-evolving science-based R&D. This delicate ingredient, grown in the hill farms of Umbria, is processed naturally and infused with antioxidants that promote healthier skin.

Skin & Co.’s Umbrian Truffle Hand Cream helps keep your hands soft and smooth for all seasons. It is ideal for all skin types and safe for daily use. Further, the addition of essential fatty acids, botanical extracts, vitamins, and minerals complements its skin nourishing, hydrating, and protective qualities to prevent skin damage.

6. Proraso

proraso top luxury italian beauty brands

Let us not forget the gentlemen. Ludovico Martelli found Proraso in 1908 and went on to become known as a trailblazer in shaving trends for over three generations. Proraso labs still use natural ingredients, applying classic formulas that have evolved with the times through science-backed research. It’s a legendary brand trusted by Italian men.

Their beard care line is free of animal products, save for their mustache wax that has beeswax. Their classic Green product line is refreshing and invigorating to the senses, infused with natural eucalyptus oil and menthol.

Made with an enriched stearin-based formula, this line’s shaving foam provides a rich lather for a smooth shaving experience. In addition, it has cleansing and toning properties, leaving its users revitalized following a good shave. 

Classic Italian Beauty Is Within Reach 

Italian beauty is within reach wherever you are in the world. Their natural beauty products are formulated using time-tested formulas enhanced by the power of science. As a bonus, their creative, elegant, and sometimes understated packaging screams luxury and classic elegance—meaning they’ll look good on your dresser.

May you find your next beauty discovery in any of the brands mentioned, all of which proudly celebrate Italian heritage in full color. Hungry for more Italian skin secrets? Make your next read 6 Italian Beauty Secrets Revealed for Glowing Skin.

About the Author

Amy Parsons is the CEO of Mozzafiato, the largest collection of iconic Italian beauty brands in the US.  With Mozzafiato, Amy is on a mission to find and import the very best heritage beauty brands and products in Italy and change the beauty landscape for discerning consumers in the US.  With more than 20 years of experience as an executive in higher education, a practicing litigation attorney, and a member of many nonprofit boards, Amy is living her passion for all things beauty and Italy with Mozzafiato. When not traveling, Amy and her husband, daughters, and dogs live in Denver, Colorado.

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