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Sustainable weddings are becoming the new normal and a big part of that movement is renting your dress or wearing a preloved gown instead of shopping for or having a brand new one made from scratch. Dress rentals for your wedding or other formal events are remarkably environmentally friendly because you are not contributing to creating new clothing waste and you also get to save money for post-wedding experiences like an extended trip or honeymoon. So, while you may have long dreamed of buying the perfect wedding dress, here are some reasons considering a rental is a must if you are looking for tips to go sustainably chic for your big day!

‘You’ll Only Wear This Once’

The commonly heard wedding phrase that you’ll only wear your wedding dress once is absolutely true. Most brides say that their wedding dress is in a box in storage because they simply can’t wear it again unless they shorten it or maybe not even then. The same applies to bridesmaids’ dresses! By renting a wedding dress you can look glamorous and gorgeous on your wedding day without worrying about how to reuse a very expensive and elaborate wedding gown. All while also doing your part to live more sustainably.

Wear a Designer Gown

Many dress rental companies if not most of them have designer wedding gowns in stock. Given the price tag on many of these gowns, a bride could easily go into debt trying to buy one. With a dress rental service, you can wear a designer or branded gown at a lower cost and have the wedding of your dreams! An elaborate designer gown also photographs wonderfully so you will have sublime wedding photos and videos to look back upon. Designer gowns are also made with exceptionally high-quality fabric that can usually sustain quite a bit of wear and tear so you won’t need to pull out your art resin to fix up any fallen pearls or gems! 

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Organic, Sustainable Gowns

As a bride, you also have the option to rent dresses made from smaller, indie wedding dress companies that are using organic and recycled fabric. In the earlier years of the recycled and sustainable wedding dress industry, it was sometimes hard to find the latest styles but now companies have evolved and are practicing their ethics keeping trends and flattering cuts in mind. With smaller companies, you also have the option to reach out to them directly to ascertain where their fabric comes from and they are happy to provide that information to customers. 

Wearable Wedding Gowns and Trial & Error

When people purchase or custom order a wedding dress they do not have the luxury of changing their minds close to the wedding. In the case of rentals, you can try out various gowns in most cases and take time to decide which one looks great on you and your body type and also adequately represents your sense of style. 

This trial and error process means you are fully comfortable at your rehearsal dinner and wedding because you will have had a lot of practice wearing a gown and checking if it suits you. Not to mention dress rental services make it easier and more sensible to choose a wearable wedding gown rather than a very extravagant one, your guests will also be able to book wedding guest dresses in advance to look their best on your big day!

There are lots of sustainable wedding tips out there, so do your research and your special day will surely be an environmentally chic success!

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