7 Tips & Tricks to Look Your Slimmest and Feel Your Sexiest In Any Clothes

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Put your hand up if you’ve put on more weight during the COVID-19 pandemic. Several women, including me, have become bulgy, feeling uncomfortable in our old clothes. Pants seeming too tight, buttons pulling on shirts, and tight clothes displaying our least favorite body parts are a few situations you might be currently facing. Ideally, you should own your body, including your curves. Having a positive outlook towards life makes your world happy and comfortable. However, if you still want to make your off-track curves on track, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve listed seven simple tips and tricks to dress slimmer and feel your sexiest in any clothes.

7 Tips to Look Slim and Feel Sexy In Any Clothes

1. Buy the Correct Shapewear

In the present time, looking thinner is just a matter of correct shapewear. A substantial number of women don shapewear on a few occasions, but why not make it a part of daily wear, just like your undergarments. Shapewear supports your extra curves and camouflages your imperfections. However, there’s a wide range of shapewear. Some cover your breast to your waistline, while some are designed to control hips and thighs. The crux for this tip to dress slimmer is to buy the correct size.

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2. Skimp On Round Shoes

Often round shoes look adorable. However, do you know they can make your legs look short and squat? Yes, they do! If you’ve put on weight, you need your legs to look long. Hence, elongate your legs by wearing pointed-toed footwear. That way, you can make it appear that your legs are longer than they indeed are. Whether you’re searching for festival outfit ideas or casual wear, this trick will never go wrong.

3. Layer Bodysuits and Tank Tops

While wearing sexy clothes, the least you want to do is reveal your back fat, muffin tops, and untoned midriff. In this case, make bodysuits and tank tops your friend. They’ll make you look leaner by concealing your excessive bulginess on your waist side. They both make great flat blasters when sported with bodycon clothes.

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4. Tuck In Your Vertically Striped Top

Horizontal stripes make us look broader—I agree! But don’t neglect wearing vertical striped tops, especially in dark colours. Additionally, don’t sport the same pattern dress from head to toe. Surely, stripes illude slimness; however, you may want your waistline to be prominent. In that case, head-to-toe stripes clothes don’t make sense. Hence tuck in a vertical stripes top over a plain skirt or pants and elongate your look for an instantly slenderer appearance.

5. Pleated Skirts Are Ideal

Good clothes define our mood, and you may agree with me on this! That’s why pleated skirts have received many hearts for a few years. For women seeking a slimming look, pleated skirts are a must. The key here is to find the appropriate fit and style. High or middle waist pleated skirts are ideal for hiding your stomach, making your shape look smaller. Add shapewear to your pleated look and you will be instantly dressing slimmer.

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6. Invest In High-Rise Jeans

High-rise bottoms are back to running the fashion show. They elongate your lower body, making it look lean. However, to wear this, you need to know a trick. That is—tuck in your blouse or top to reveal your elevated waist. Or else, opt for a crop top. Keep aside tops that have an elastic waistband or button-up. Crop tops give wings to fly with over high-rise jeans.

7. All Black Is Always In Trend

This is an age-old tip, and probably the most-used trick when it comes to dressing slimmer! Black passes on the illusion of a long, vertical line. However, this is something everyone knows. Additionally, you can opt for a darker head-to-toe option. Navy blue and green are a few among other dark shades. Regardless of patterns, these dark tones will make you look slim, sexy!

Hopefully, this collection of tips and tricks has taught you ways to look slim and sexy. Remember one thing: Whatever you wear, you should be confident in it. Love what you wear and how you look! If you’re searching for some amazing ways to style cargo pants, the trendiest one, refer to the blog—8 killer ways to style cargo pants.

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