Everything You Need to Know About Reading Tarot

reading tarot cards - everything you need to know

Curious about Tarot cards? Here are five important things to know about reading tarot!

1. Anyone Can Read Tarot Cards! 

A deck of tarot cards, a bit of free time (and possibly a cheat sheet of what each card means), and a clear idea of the questions you want to ask the Universe and the spirits – that’s all you need to have on hand in order to do a tarot reading yourself. 

Sure, reading tarot cards involves a level of knowledge and the more you practice it, the better you’ll get at it, like any other skill. But it’s not something that only psychics can do. In fact, reading tarot cards is as accessible to the wide public as is taking a painting or any crafting course. All you really need is an interest in the topic and the desire to learn the basics to then practice. 

2. Practice Makes Perfect 

“Perfect” doesn’t mean you need to be faultless at it before you truly give it a shot. Reading tarot cards is a very fun and exciting journey of self-discovery and of discovering the world around you. 

Don’t focus too much on the end result when you’re starting out. Just like with life, it’s all about the journey and not a race to the finish line.

3. It’s Not About Being “Wrong” or “Right”

When you’re reading tarot cards, you are engaging your intuition and your spiritual insight. That might mean that sometimes you’ll get some confusing or unclear messages that might seem off to you, but they’re not!

There’s no such thing as being wrong or right when it comes to following your intuition. Listen to that little voice within yourself and jot down the ideas that come to mind as you’re doing your reading. 

Your insight is always valid and useful, as long as you give it the chance to be so by not ignoring it.

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4. You Only Need One Deck, But You Might Be Tempted To Get Lots Of Them! 

The truth is that when it comes to reading tarot, you only truly need one deck. It can be any type of deck, whether it’s Marseille, Thoth, or Rider-Waite-Smith, it works just as well as long as you know the card meanings or have your handy cheat sheet on hand. 

But considering the expansive market of tarot decks you can choose from nowadays and the multitude of artistic style options you’ll find them in, it’s likely you may fall down the tarot deck rabbit hole and end up collecting quite a few. 

Don’t feel guilty for doing that, unless it’s affecting your budget and disturbing your everyday life, of course. But don’t feel pressured to use some fancy deck, either. You only truly need one tarot deck, and whichever that one is, it’s perfectly fine. 

5. It’s All About You! 

Your tarot reading experience, the messages and insight you get, and the ideas that come to mind while you’re practicing or actually doing a reading, all of that is all about you. You decide if, how, and when you make that information useful. 

Whatever you see in a reading, remember that your future is never set in stone! You’re the master of your destiny, and there’s no greater force in the Universe than your own free will.

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