Innovative Art JaeSuk Kim, The Artist Behind The Susu Girls

Meet JaeSuk Kim, the artist known for his watercolor gowns, unique painting skills, and beautiful Susu Girls. From pops of color on water beads to real-life flowers—this Seol-born, Sydney, Australia-raised illustrator’s art is wonderfully innovative.

illustration by jaesuk kim

With a personal love for handbags, JaeSuk decided to design his own. He sketched his bags hanging on the arms of the girls he imagined wearing them. And so became his Susu Girls.

JaeSuk’s muses: the Susu Girls are like any other designer’s muse, an inspiration for the artist as well as the art itself. They came to life with the thought of playful, spontaneous, and quirky ladies or girls carrying his handbags. While today these thought out women star on numerous magazine covers.

fleur nightstand by koket

Through couture-like silhouettes, JaeSuk creates authentic masterpieces inspired by many elements of life, like the celebration of Vogue Singapore’s launch with the phases of blooming orchids. Or the G-Shock campaign, where Fireworks and Strength were the artistry behind the illustration.

jaesuk kim flower susu girls art

For JaeSuk Kim, the beauty of watercolor is in the mistakes, since each and every one of them gives the drawing a sense of uniqueness, and “it somehow adds a special touch to it.”

The artist started by just adding “shapes, lines, and textures spontaneously” and it spiraled to an internet phenomenon when Instagram’s official account shared a clip of his work. Since then, JaeSuk has worked with brands like Chanel, Cartier, and Dolce & Gabbana, just to name a few. We can’t wait to see what innovative work of art he comes up with next.

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Words by Mariana Silva
Article Originally Appeared in Love Happens Volume 5

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