Explore La Pluma, A Jewelry Collection to Seduce

Our latest obsession, Neha Dani, has just launched a new collection called La Pluma. We are completely in love with her and the new pieces of jewelry, namely earrings, bracelets, and rings. The pieces stand out for their unique features and incomparable beauty. La Pluma’s inspiration is nature and the optimism of the human spirit. From here came beautiful works of art worthy of royalty that you will love.

Fall in Love With La Pluma, by Neha Dani

About Neha Dani

Neha Dani puts poetry into her jewelry. The painstaking art of transforming beautiful ideas into authentic pieces of art comes from your her to admire the natural world. Most important, perfection never fails to be present in the artisan’s work. All angles are meticulously worked and outlined. This search for perfection seduces onlookers and wearers alike.

The Inspiration

In true Neha form, this new collection finds its roots in nature! La Pluma is based on the desire and freedom of birds to fly. The whole idea came about in the last two years, which were complicated for everyone, due to the situation we live in. Thus, the designer remembered the miracle of nature to recreate the freedom of flight, just like birds. The vivid colors accurately symbolize the sky and the colorful feathers and sparkles.

La Pluma jewelry collection Inspiration  neha dani (Photo via @nehadanijewels)
La Pluma Inspiration (Photo via @nehadanijewels)

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The Craftsmanship

Each of Neha’s pieces is hand made resulting in unique creations. Neha takes advantage of ancient jewelry-making traditions, attaching special value to details. Thus, each piece is thought out in detail and made with all the dedication and love for art. The art of sculpture is essential to obtain exquisite features.

La Pluma Jewelry Craftsmanship neha dani
Neha Dani at work creating her jewelry using the art of wax carving (Photo via @nehadanijewels)

La Pluma Collection

We could define this collection as feminine and powerful. The combination of femininity and strength makes anyone completely surrender to its beauty.

The colors used are mostly blue, emerald and ruby because these tones convey Neha’s love for nature, fauna, and flora. Actually, after the troubled times we live in, we need a lot of color to bring joy to our lives. In addition, jewelry is often the missing touch in our look. Thus, these promise to be pieces to adore. Truly a collection to stand out. Likewise, all pieces in La Pluma feature unique finishes, always reminiscent of feather crowns. Besides that, the spiral design is a hallmark of some of these brilliant pieces of jewelry.

La Pluma Jewelry neha dani
Pavona emerald, multicolored gemstones and diamond earrings
neha dani earrings
Monal tanzanite, multicolored gemstones and diamond earrings
neha dani earrings green
Quetzal emerald, multicolored gemstones and diamond earrings
ruby and diamond ring by neha dani
Scarlet ruby and diamond ring
La Pluma Jewelry
Roseate ruby and diamond earrings
Loriini emerald, multicolored gemstones and diamond bracelet
La Pluma Jewelry
Pero amethyst, multicolored gemstones and diamond bracelet

Words by Sílvia Oliveira
Photos Courtesy of Neha Dani
Feature Image: Photo via Neha Dani Instagram

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