Meet Sohee Park, The Designer Enchanting Through Fashion

Many celebrities, such as model Bella Hadid and singer Cardi B, love the works of art by Sohee Park. But they are not the only ones! The young designer is making waves among the most famous designers, having already captured the attention of Stefano Dolce and Domenico Gabbana, the designers of the remarkable D&G brand, who proudly helped show Sohee’s great talent to the public.

Read on to fall in love with Sohee Park and her creations!

Sohee Park, A Name to Know!

About Sohee Park

At the age of 19, Sohee Park went to study fashion in London. But, at first, she had sights on another career path. As a young child, before she was interested in fashion, Sohee had a love for illustration. Her mother was a children’s book illustrator and Sohee grew up playing around the studio. Her great passion for fashion started at the age of 14. She watched the Chanel spring 2012 Couture Show at her Grandmother’s house and immediately was inspired by the escapism. She remembers skipping classes just to watch these fashion shows.

After discovering fashion and being “enthralled by the feeling of escapism that illustrating granted her, Park began to translate her sketches from the page into real life to create vibrant silhouettes that she defines as demi-couture”. This led to her first collection, titled ‘The Girl In Full Bloom’. A collection “inspired by the concept of evolution from girl to woman, paralleling the designer’s own transition and her progression from illustration to design”. (

Illustrations by Sohee Park (Photo Courtesy of MISS SOHEE)
Illustrations by Sohee Park (Photo Courtesy of MISS SOHEE)

Sohee Park treasures the sweet moments she had with her grandmother, who helped inspire her career and in particular the works of her Fall/Winter 2021 collection. She best recollects her late grandmother’s home in South Korea which was by the sea near Jeju Island. After she passed away, Sohee had a hard time but was able to push through this extraordinary collection.

Sohee, now still just in her mid-20s, currently has her own brand called “Miss Sohee” based in England.

D&G Love Sohee Park

Unsurprisingly, D&G has always been a great driver of young talent. The designer duo helped Sohee Park gain notoriety in the fashion world. The iconic designers quickly fell in love with this designer’s work. So during Milan Fashion Week, she was given the opportunity to present some pieces. The more theatrical embroideries and silhouettes were the highlights. One of the fabrics is one of the oldest in the world and in the history of the designer’s country of origin. An absolutely positive point of Sohee Park’s designs is that they focus a lot on tradition, culture, and homage to different roots. which end up telling stories and inspiring anyone.

This recent collaboration between the two brands is giving more and more visibility to the artist. She always had the freedom to create and give wings to her creativity. D&G really appreciated that Sohee Park managed to break out of what is common to see on the catwalks. Thus, they describe the fashion this designer creates as totally authentic. In addition, she manages to have a luxurious and refined touch that one cannot miss. D&G highly values the craftsmanship and beauty they bring to the pieces because they believe they are sources of great quality.

Miss Sohee F/W 2022 Supported by Dolce & Gabanna
F/W 2022 Supported by Dolce & Gabanna (Photo Courtesy of MISS SOHEE)
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Parks’ On Haute Couture & Sustainablity

Sohee Park has always had a love for Haute Couture. She is drawn to the fact that there is no mass production necessary in this fashion art form. What needs to be used is all that is used. She told Vogue in a 2021 interview, “Couture shouldn’t just be for big fashion houses with an atelier in Paris, it’s about the craftsmanship and artistry. We’re in a world where there’s so much mass-produced clothing creating unnecessary waste, so I hope to see more young couturiers in the future who go against this.”

Sohee Park’s Fall-Winter 2021 Haute Couture Collection was all about this sustainability! Sohee intended to convey her concern for the environment through the pieces she presented. Thus, she used recycled crystals and innovative fabric types. The young woman brought really innovative pieces. Moreover, she believes that she can raise awareness of this very current topic through her works of art.

Celebrities wearing her clothes is a real source of pride for the designer. In addition, the contribution of social networks, such as Instagram, is very important. Because it helps to make his work known to the world.

Ariana Grande in Sohee Park Creations
Ariana Grande in Sohee Park AW21 Emerald Set (Photo via @miss_sohee)

Words by Sílvia Oliveira
Feature Image: Photo Courtesy of MISS SOHEE

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