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The finer things in life are best enjoyed when its premium standard quality. For some entertainers, caviar is an exclusive must-have at any event. Royal Caviar Club in Hong Kong offers exclusive access to the world of finer things and exclusive pleasures, from premium champagne and caviar to luxurious accessories. Its mission is to source the best of the best with meticulously selected and exquisitely premier products. As a result of their outstanding products, Luxury Lifestyle Awards recognized Royal Caviar Club for their world-class caviar. In fact, they won Best Luxury Caviar in the World, 2021!

The Best Luxury Caviar in The World

Royal Caviar Club

‘The Caviar Lady’

Russian-born Oxana Dragun, ‘The Caviar Lady,’ represents Royal Caviar Club. Oxana is an expert in caviar culture and promotes it with her extensive knowledge, style, and passion. Royal Caviar Club began as a passion project between a small group of gourmet lovers from different cultures. They all shared a great taste for premium quality products. As a result, the vision and unique styles have enabled the club to combine a distinctive selection of the world’s finest delicacies.

The Making of the Award-Winning Luxury Caviar

The traditional way to enjoy caviar is with a little salt and no preservatives. The caviar must maintain consistent premium quality through specific treatment. Royal Caviar Club farms use traditional Iranian and Russian techniques. After all, a manual process makes high-quality caviar. Sturgeon roses must remain as fresh as possible during their production. Meanwhile, the caviar masters perform a dozen steps.

These steps include retrieving the ovary, roe selection, roe washing, dripping, and salting. They must be completed within a short amount of time whilst in a cooled temperature environment for best results. Royal Caviar Club only offers A-Grade caviar sourced from the best farms and is seasonally dependent. The caviar is harvested from a limited number of premier sturgeons that are farmed in large lakes and rivers. Not to mention, it is produced in an eco-friendly sustainable farming method. Ultimately, another reason the club caught the attention of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards panel.

The caviar is 100% preservative-free and contains only a small amount of oil and salt. Each caviar tin comes complete with a CITES certificate and full documentation. As a result, this luxury caviar is directly from farm to table.

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The Different Types of Luxury Cavier

Hong Kong encompasses delicacies. Due to its marine life, many luxurious products are located in this divine paradise. Royal Caviar Club will directly deliver caviar to their clients within the bounds of Hong Kong, and they have an extensive list of caviar to choose from. Clients can select Royal Cristal Gold, which is the large golden beads with a smooth and buttery taste that stands for class and luxury. Superior Sturgeon is light and dark brown medium beads. It is also known for its remarkable creamy texture. This Sturgeon is flexible and is excellent for any occasion. Lastly, Imperial Iranian Beluga is at the apex of the caviar hierarchy. Its soft gray beads pack a powerful flavor, unlike any other caviar variety, with a robust aftertaste.

The Best Way to Experience Luxury Caviar

The enjoyment of caviar is a full experience. To truly enjoy an evening of caviar, one must enjoy a range of flavors of the sea’s grandest delicacy. No single dish will leave you truly satisfied. So, it is imperative to taste all the different flavors and consistencies. And this is only part of the experience – to truly appreciate the variety of flavors caviar has to offer, champagne is a must. Champagne perfectly complements the caviar with its sweet and gentle bubbles and enhances the flavor. Royal Caviar Club offers a steady selection of champagne, tailored to suit your caviar order.

Royal Caviar Club offers the world’s finest selection of caviar in Hong Kong. Enjoying caviar is about creating an experience paired with the right champagne and consumed the correct way. They are pioneers of the market and pride themselves in educating people about their products and health tips, such as the health advantages of caviar. The dynamic company also develops new products by combining caviar with other items, like Caviar Mille Feuille and they are proud of their luxurious packaging.

Images Courtesy of Royal Caviar Club

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