Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Trends You Need to Know

summer spring 2022 fashion trends

Despite how many fabulous outfits are available during the spring and summer months, staying on trend can be difficult. As well as staying within budget, it is also essential to find attire that is comfortable and practical. 

Fortunately, several fashion trends will gain traction during spring and summer in 2022, allowing fashionistas to align their selection to their budget and choose garments that can be used to create unique and alluring outfits that each contain their own elegance and charm. 

If you want to ensure you stay stylish during the spring and summer months, then make sure to take note of the following trends and give your wardrobe the makeover it deserves. 

Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Trends to Know

People Will Love Low-Rise in 2022 

The noughties are making a comeback regarding spring and summer fashion trends in 2022, as made evident by the resurgence of the low-rise waist. Don’t worry about showing off your midriff if you don’t want to. Instead pairs your low-rise jeans with knitwear, a perfect look for warm summer evenings.  

Of course, if you want to celebrate the hot weather while staying stylish, you can also combine low-rise with a combination of tops that allows for several outfits throughout the spring and summer months that are perfect for all occasions. 

Crystal-embellished high-rise wide-leg jeans by Dolce & Gabbana
Crystal-embellished high-rise wide-leg jeans by Dolce & Gabbana

Halternecks Are Stylish and Breathable 

Those who have recently caught sight of the catwalk will find that halternecks have been a hit. Celebrities like Dua Lipa have also embraced the criss-cross crazes in many ways, including stylish dresses and tops. 

As with other spring and summer trends, introducing halternecks to your wardrobe allows for many outfit ideas. The look is suited for any type of gathering and is also a great way to look professional while staying cool in the office. 

Halterneck is a criss-cross design that eliminates the need for straps. Thus allowing body parts more access to the sun with no need to compromise regarding style. The unique and alluring design also ensures there is plenty of potential for fresh air when contending with hot summer days.

Marine Scarf-Halter Silk Top by Trina Turk
Marine Scarf-Halter Silk Top by Trina Turk

The popularity of cutouts started in 2021. But because celebrities have been embracing the trend, they will remain a popular fashion choice in 2022. The fantastic thing about cutouts is that they are a design choice for all personalities. There are also one-piece and elegant dresses, allowing everyone to take advantage of the cutouts trend in 2022. 

spring 2022 fashion trends Cutout Crepe Dress by Saint Laurent
Cutout Crepe Dress by Saint Laurent
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The Fringe Design Delivers a Fashion Staple That is Comfortable and Stylish 

The popularity of fringe was first witnessed in the 1920s, but the popularity hasn’t waned over the years. Although fringe designs come in various forms, it continues to be a popular choice for many fashion lovers.

Dresses in several lengths embrace the fringe design. And their free-flowing nature is perfect for those wanting to maintain an upbeat persona and relaxed vibe during the warmer months. 

summer 2022 fashion trends Leather Fring Sandals by ALAIA
Leather Fring Sandals by ALAIA

Pleated Skirts Provide Limitless Fashion Options 

Pleated skirts are another trend that first found popularity during the early part of the 20th century. First popularised by the swing movement, the pleated skirt has been a sought-after garment for many years, and 2022 is no exception. 

The flexible approach to pleated skirts means there are no limitations regarding design. So you can opt for a bright white long dress for hot summer days, while something printed is ideal for a night on the town. 

summer 2022 fashion trends Floral Print Pleated Skirt by Valentino
Floral Print Pleated Skirt by Valentino

Hot Pink Has Become a Must-Have for Spring and Summer 2022 

It’s not only different styles soaring in popularity in 2022, but bold tones that add a refreshing take on making an impression. The Hot Pink trend is being celebrated in many ways, including sleek and sophisticated trousers from Dancing Leopard, and free-flowing long dresses from Giambattista Valli

summer 2022 fashion trends Bustier Long Ivory Lace Dress With Red Floral embroideries by Giambattista Valli
Bustier Long Ivory Lace Dress With Red Floral embroideries by Giambattista Valli

Bringing Back the 1990s in 2022 with Baggy Jeans 

Another era being celebrated in 2022 is the 1990s, thanks to the soaring popularity of baggy jeans. As well as being a stylish choice during the spring and summer, the introduction of baggy jeans in 2002 ensures that you’re never uncomfortable when running those critical errands. 

spring 2022 fashion trends Annina Jean by Citizens of Humanity
Annina Jean by Citizens of Humanity

Micro Mini Skirts Are Making a Comeback in 2022 

Mini skirts first appeared during the 1960s, but they were reinvented in 2022 in the form of micro mini skirts. As well as wearing them with casual tees and tops, people also pair mini micro skirts with matching suit jackets for a unique but stylish outfit.

spring 2022 fashion trends Feather-Embellished Mini Skirt by Semsem
Feather-Embellished Mini Skirt by Semsem

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