Inspire Your Interior Design With These 2022 Trends

timeless designer window treatments koket 2022 interior design trends

The latest decoration trends this year so far are still serene and comfortable spaces in which one feels safe, but while adding new touches of hope in the form of colour. Devoting time and energy to interior spaces remains important as people continue to work from and spend more time in general at home. It is also at home where influence on our well-being is well established. With all of that in mind, we’ve rounded up a few of the biggest interior design trends so far this year in 2022 for your designing pleasure!

Natural Materials & Zero Waste

Ecological issues are at the heart of decoration trends. This year, we favour natural materials, local productions, and eco-responsible furnishings. It’s time to hunt for old objects from online second-hand goods dealers or on resale platforms. To move away from overconsumption and find meaning in purchases, we focus on a zen and minimalist atmosphere with raw and natural materials such as wood, metal, or marble. Plastic is replaced by glass, bringing elegance, transparency, and modernity. For small decorations, dare dried flowers, crystals, and minerals! The trend is also for natural plants to be placed on the coffee table or hung on macrame suspensions.

delancy by urbanstems dried flower arrangement
Add a dried flower arrangement to a table or mantel for an instant sustainable interior statement.

Multifunction Rooms & Furniture

Telecommuting appears to now be a permanent part of our lifestyle. So we continue to adapt our decoration with multifunctional pieces like modular office spaces. The big trend of the moment for those who own a house, with the space, is to build a garden shed to create an extra room. Garden sheds can come as a kit like Quick Garden LTD, but they also have the advantages of a house extension. With its double-glazed windows and covered terrace, the shelter is a real extra room for working in peace away from the noise of the house. This year, we are focusing on a joyful and colourful decoration in your workspace. Emerald was a big hit last year. So, dare this colour which symbolizes work, effort, and inner peace. Pastels are also conducive to calm and concentration which are of course just as essential.

koket home office emerald green and black 2022 interior design trends
Shelving is a great way to make room in a modular home office space. Design by KOKET.

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Patterns at the Heart of the 2022 Trend

This year again patterns are in and the reasons are important. The page of the minimalist decade seems to be slowly closing to give way to a series of patterns that are not afraid to play their role to the full: to single out living spaces just as colours structure and characterize places. Abstract, floral, prints will be available in many ways in 2022. On wall coverings such as linens, patterns and prints will be the tools of our need to escape and dream bigger. As graphic wallpaper, on a few flowery cushions, trendy shapes and prints will blend in to shape a trendy, but above all highly personalized interior. Because the recipe for a successful decoration remains not only a question of trend or exact science but of pure personality.

Design by KOKET patterned wallpaper animals 2022 interior design trends
Bold wallpaper is a great way to bring patterns into your space. Design by KOKET.

Nature in the Spotlight, for our Greatest Good!

People continue to look to strengthen their connection with nature. Hence natural surfaces such as sandstone, terracotta, marble, and travertine are seen in all areas, on surfaces such as kitchen splashbacks to bathtubs in our bathrooms, including furniture and decorative items. The raw, imperfect nature of these organic materials adds extra soul while mimicking the soothing and restorative atmosphere of the outdoors. This return to nature has also sparked interest in large trees inside our homes, in particular olive trees or magnolias.

The Penthouse bathrooms at the Ritz Carlton Residences Amman are full of natural materials.

Remember, trends are not there to dictate behaviour or impose choices, but to inspire and present new products or colours. Trends are a way to inspire us, even those who think they don’t follow them unwittingly follow them. But feel free to let your imagination run wild!

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