Style, Ease & Empowerment: A Dress for Every Occasion

cicinia bridesmaid dresses

Every woman has a story about bridesmaid dresses. Chances are, just thinking about them brings up some cringe-worthy memories of either an unfortunate dress you wore or the difficult process of deciding the look for your bridal party. Cicinia decided to turn the trope of the ugly bridesmaid dress on its head while also streamlining the selection process. Further, the young company offers up an empowering culture to note.

Discover Cicinia

In 2018, Josephine decided to do something about the unfortunate predicament associated with bridesmaid dresses. So she created Cicinia to offer affordable, trendy bridesmaid dresses in various colors and styles. At just $99, the dresses are more than reasonable. Moreover, with a range of silhouettes and colors on offer, you may actually find one worthy of being worn again. 

In addition to the dresses, Cicinia stands out for its inspiring team of female entrepreneurs. Josephine had more than ten years in the fashion and beauty industry before striking out as an entrepreneur with her friend Jean. Jean began her career with H&M. As Cicinia’s Chief Operating Officer, she ensures that customers receive dresses on time despite increasing supply chain challenges worldwide. Together, these friends have empowered a team of driven women to increase the entrepreneurial drive and style needed to drive Cicinia forward.  

Style, Ease & Empowerment

With the motto, “always keep learning,” this company offers many benefits to young professionals working to grow their careers. Leadership focuses on making sure new insights are shared monthly to remain competitive in the market. They are also continuously seeking opportunities to improve efficiency.  Time-saving measures not only benefit consumers in delivery but ensure that employees have time to prioritize work-life balance.

The young company has already received rave reviews from customers. Many state that the fabric and construction of the dresses exceed their expectations. Cicinia also offers the ability to order fabric swatches ahead of time. With enough pre-planning, most customers appreciate this capability in order to ensure that the color and fabric fit the look and feel they desire. 

By focusing on a strong, woman-led team, Cicinia combines style, ease, and empowerment. This small team has managed to rival larger companies in their ability to deliver on what consumers want and need.  After all, who better to support women in planning this big event than a team of entrepreneurial women.  When you find yourself planning for dresses, be sure to consider Cicinia

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