Black and Gold, KOKET’s Obsession…

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No colors express more power and luxury than Black and Gold. These colors are the main theme behind the first, most sentimental accent piece of KOKET’s Guilty Pleasures Collection, the MANDY Demi-Lune Stool. And stand strong with the brand through to today in pieces like the SOFIA Sofa and TABU Cocktail Table featured above.

Black and Gold is one of the color themes that best represents the essence of empowerment, sophistication, mystics, and enticement, which is implicit in every single piece of KOKET’s collection and strongly transmitted in the brand philosophy.

One simply does not buy any of these character traces—one must earn them through presence, seduction, and capture. And KOKET owns these every time someone falls in love with a piece from our collection, with every second, minute, and hour of attention dedicated to them.

Black reveals opulence and exclusivity, while Gold symbolizes lust, wealth, and power. Together with carefully designed shapes, textures and materials, they transcend one another and acquire profound powers, such as the intangible feelings of women’s INTUITION, the exoticism and provocation of BURLESQUE cabarets, the love and elegance behind MANDY, and the attraction and hypnosis of RÊVE. Each piece has a unique personality and story to be told.

BURLESQUE Console Table
RÊVE Mirror

Which one seduces you the most? What is your story with KOKET’s Black and Gold pieces?

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