Expert Tips for New Interior Designers with Alexandra Champalimaud

luxury living room design by alexandra champalimud design

Renowned interior designer Alexandra Champalimaud, founder of Champalimaud Design, offers insightful tips for new designers. Champamilaud has worked on many stunning and inspirational projects across the world. One of these projects is Raffles Hotel in Singapore, which is pictured in this list. Her advice is truly helpful and inspirational for any designer looking to improve their skills.

Alexandra Champalimaud Design tips for new interior designers
Alexandra Champalimaud, President & Principal Designer of Champalimaud Design

Tip #1:
Stay Savvy in This Changing Industry

“When I started in the design industry, the technology we had on hand was far less advanced than today. Today’s students and young designers must be far savvier when it comes to utilising programmes and tools.”

tips for new interior designers Raffles Hotel Singapore designed Champalimaud
Raffles Hotel Singapore, Interior by Champalimaud Design

Tip #2
Listen to Your Clients

“Although your projects should be a representation of your design house, it is still important to listen to your clients and what they want. It is easy for a young designer to fixate on sticking to a certain concept or vision, and this can mean the client’s wants are missed. The skill of designing is the ability to incorporate and mix your vision with your clients to produce a project you can both be proud of.”

Egoist Mirror by KOKET

Tip #3:
Don’t Be Afraid of Colour and Pattern

“Many young designers are afraid of colour and pattern. It can be daunting to be bold in your choices and using bright colours or detailed patterns can be something designers shy away from. My advice would be don’t. There is too much blandness in the world, so be confident in your design concepts and add the colour.”

colorful living room library The Newbury Library, Interior by Champalimaud Design (Photo by Nikolas Koenig)
The Newbury Library, Interior by Champalimaud Design (Photo by Nikolas Koenig)

Tip #4:
Focus on Sustainability

“Interior design is all about trends, and the big trend now is green – and I am not talking about the colour! All interior design should now have focus on sustainability. Having created several our eco-friendly projects, I believe the secret to ‘green design’ is simply clever design. As we continue to turn our attention to the problems our environment is facing, green design will be at the top of everyone’s agenda.”

Tips for New Interior Designers, #5:
Be Original to Stand Out

“In today’s competitive environment, it is not enough to be good – you have to be special. There are so many talented young designers with good degrees and impressive work experience that it is so important to stand out. I think we are living in an era where originality is key. A designer who can design and create their own collection or pieces of furniture would really set them apart from a pool of talent.”

79 Peak Road, Interior by Champalimaud Design
79 Peak Road, Interior by Champalimaud Design

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