Make a Fashion Statement With Your Eyeglasses

how to match eyeglass frames to your face and lifestyle

Eyeglasses are a very important part of your identity. When you meet people, the first thing they’ll see is your face, so figuring out how to match eyeglass frames to your face and lifestyle is a great way to get the look you want, whether it be sophisticated, fun, young, wise, or hip.

When picking a pair of eyeglasses, know that they will say something about you and your personality without a single word, so choosing the right pair is as important—if not MORE important—than perhaps any other part of your ensemble.

How to Match Eyeglass Frames to Your Face & Lifestyle

Step 1: What do Your Eyeglasses Say About You?

Have you ever thought that choosing to wear high-quality eyeglasses isn’t just about helping you see?

They’re about helping people see the real you. The right pair of frames can convey your personality, lifestyle, attitude, and vibes in a single glance. If you’re a creative person, this can be reflected in your frames, the same as if you are an executive, outdoor enthusiast, senior, or student.

Just keep in mind that a pair of glasses should be just as much about your personality as it is about your style. Sneakers don’t fit with a formal business suit, and glasses should tie into your clothing style as well.

Step 2: Identify Your Face Shape

Depending on your face type, different shapes of frames will fit better. Frames should usually contrast with your face shape to highlight both the face and the frames. Faces come in all shapes and sizes but can generally be categorized as:

  • Oval – taller than wide with narrowing at the chin and forehead.
  • Round – close in width and height with narrowing at chin and forehead.
  • Square – similar to oval but with a strong jaw and forehead.
  • Triangle – Wide forehead and narrow chin with angular cheeks.
  • Heart – Wide forehead and narrow chin with rounded cheeks.

Those with oval faces can wear most frames. Those with round faces should favor angular frames like square, rectangular, geometric, or aviator frames. Square faces look good in rounded frames like circular, cat eyes, wayfarers, or browlines. Triangular faces should avoid sharp corners, favoring instead circulars, cat eyes, aviators, or geometrics. Finally, those with heart faces should lean towards rectangular, oval, wayfare, or cat eye frames.

To ensure you have plenty of options to choose from, it’s important to find a website that has a wide range of frames from different brands and styles. In particular, there are a lot of brands, especially Lightec eyeglasses frames that are known for their innovative and lightweight designs, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and stylish pair of glasses. Check Lightec eyeglasses frames here and find the perfect pair for your face shape and style.

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Step 3: Choose Colors That Complement Your Skin Tone

The color of your glasses should compliment your skin tone more than your wardrobe, but this step isn’t difficult. If your skin tone is cooler, favor shades of gray, blue, green, and black. If your skin has a warmer tone, opt for colors in the range of tan, pink, orange, and red. If you’re having trouble, going to a frame designer or optician and simply trying on glasses can really help identify which colors work with your complexion. You can also consider what color clothes you wear and if you favor any colors more than others. You match things to your skin more often than you think subconsciously.

Step 4: Consider Your Lifestyle

Your glasses will be with you all day, so you should consider what kind of activities you are doing before choosing the best eyewear for your lifestyle and deciding on frames. If you work in a labor-intensive workplace or play a lot of sports, you’ll want to opt for frames that are robust and durable enough to absorb the occasional impact. If you’re sitting in an office, blue-filtering lenses and a good nose bridge fit are important. If your job involves a lot of face-time with clients, then a more stylish, delicate option is probably the way to go.

Step 5: Flaunt Your Personality

In the end, frames are a great way to show the world who you are and what you like. Frames come in all shapes, colors, patterns, and quality, so your selection is only limited by price point and patience. Having multiple frames is also recommended. Having a fun pair of colorful glasses for the weekend or when you go out is convenient if your weekdays are in a professional environment that requires a more stylish or sleek presentation. No matter your situation, make sure that you feel both happy and confident with your choices.

Wrapping Up

Frames are a great way to compliment an outfit and make a first impression. They can showcase your style and personality before you even open dialogue and can influence how people think about you. In the end, glasses are a tool that is with you all day, so make sure you like the frames you choose, regardless of anyone’s advice.

Feature Image: Photo by Guang Pham Duy | Unsplash

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