7 Unique Trends in Men’s Fashion

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Men’s Fashion is often a much-debated and nebulous topic. While trends certainly come and go, there is never a clear direction regarding what constitutes trends in men’s fashion in popular culture. Beyond the three-piece suits and tuxedos, men’s fashion doesn’t seem to have evolved much over the ages.

In the early Victorian ages, Men’s fashion was remarkably simple. People wore top hats and pocket watches and carried walking sticks. However, with the advent of the industrial revolution, men’s fashion became more utilitarian. In the 1900’s we saw the first evidence of three-piece suits. Button-down shirts, colorful socks, regimental ties, and other items became the pieces invented and popular in this era. 

In the 1930s, fashion evolved, and menswear rules became written in this period, with people wearing suits and hats. But with the end of World War 2, men’s fashion became more and more accessible to everyday people. The idea of clothes being in fashion also came to the fore in this era, as clothing trends and cycles started becoming developed by clothing manufacturers to be mass-produced.

Over the years, even as fashion grew and evolved, men’s fashion could not leap to move beyond suits. As you’ll no doubt notice, suits remained the basic framework for all men’s fashion, helping drive change and propel new movements in men’s fashion but still hinging on the trouser, t-shirt formula. 

Men’s fashion today is much more evocative and aware, partly due to the modern man’s insistence on being in tune with the fashions of the time and looking good. Therefore, the complexity of the modern man’s fashion market means it is often hard for the average man who wishes to look good to find enough information. However, this article will give you everything you need about seven trending fashion items. 

7 Unique Trends in Men’s Fashion

1. Shorts with a Suit

A bold, popular choice in today’s times, wearing shorts with a suit is a statement. Shorts and Suits are a choice you can wear in various situations, such as a party, at the beach, or the club. They are not a choice for formal occasions, so make your choice accordingly. Your color choices can also help make your choices lively and upbeat. 

2. Sleeveless Sweaters, Shorts, and Bucket Hats

Another trend in men’s fashion today is wearing sleeveless sweaters, shorts, and bucket hats to show off their fashion expertise. Sleeveless sweaters are a great choice as they are versatile and can be worn in hotter climes. Bucket hats, on the other hand, are a recent millennial fashion craze, and they look good depending on how they have been paired, and the accessories are chosen to complement them. 

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3. Pearls

Pearls have recently become a top fashion choice for men as they recently resurged in popularity. Many famous male celebrities like Harry Styles have been seen wearing pearl strings. Pearls allow themselves to be repositioned as male accessories because of their history and the character they get from being the accessory of choice for royalty. They embody the spirit of power, luxury, and opulence and, as such, are an excellent choice for men to showcase their masculinity with a touch of femininity. 

4. Layering

Layering is an excellent choice for men’s fashion these days and has been seen as such by many fashion designers, such as Dior. 

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5. Flow Style

A fluid style that makes it seem like the outfit is flowing, this style offers a resort vibe with an oversized shirt, much like the Tommy Bahama style that was popular in the 1990s.

6. Open Buttoned Shirts

A style for those that have sculpted bodies, wearing your shirt with the top buttoned open is a choice that is becoming popular for many youngsters today, allowing for a sense of freedom.

7. Outdoor Utility Fashion

Having gotten popular after Covid because of the increased focus on getting out of the house, the style allows for breast pocket shirts matched with pants or shorts, showcasing a desire for outdoor activity.

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