The Female Gaze: 5 Creative Women to See at Dubai Design Week 2022

Dubai Design Week

Dubai Design Week returns for its eighth season, November 8 – 13, 2022. Read on to discover some of the exceptionally creative women you can’t miss at this year’s edition!

The annual event is one of the region’s most significant cultural occasions. It shows Dubai’s commitment to design, providing individuals and companies with a platform to showcase their design experience. As their own thinking by ways of installations, exhibitions, and overall experiential mediums.

This year’s theme is Design with Impact, and installations will focus on how design innovation can have a positive effect on the future.

5 Female Creatives to Note at Dubai Design Week 2022

Reem Al Bustani

Reem Al Bustani will present “Suhail”, inspired by the Suhail star and its importance and fame in the Arab world. Historically, this star signals the beginning of cooler days in the region. It is a symbol of prosperity, abundance, and favorable times. It reminds us of the rhythmic sounds of waves rising and falling after the Suhail star is spotted. And of the changing of seasons.

Reem Al Bustani dubai design week female creatives


The Beirut-based design studio Bokja, founded by Huda Baroudi and Maria Hibri, crafts meaningful narratives through embroidery and textile. Their work “Let’s talk about the Weather!” is a contemplative installation in the form of a boxing ring. Finally, the artist invites visitors to engage and answer challenging and topical questions, such as climate change, by entering the ‘ring of life’. In line with the brand’s sustainability commitment, the installation uses recycled shader canvases and silk remnants reborn from the atelier floor.

Ahed Al Kathiri

Ahed Al Kathiri presents “Home Dreaming,” a work that proposes the meaning that a home is made from within oneself. She uses patterned textiles Kathiri and layers them into various forms of the Qamariyat, a traditional Yemeni architectural window covering. Using these objects that reinforce and maintain the warmth of the home creates an intimate act of sustainability.

ahed al kathiri home dreaming design textile art
addicat mirror by koket

Sara Alrayyes

Showcasing “Al Gargoor”, Sara Alrayyes designed a public space made up of a variety of furnishings made from gargoor (a used fishing net), either in its native shape or with minimal alterations. The idea is to develop a useful yet creative space through the upcycling of old fishing nets. Hence this installation aims to educate the next generation about the importance of the fishing culture while preserving Bahrain, as well as the surrounding Gulf countries’ unique identities.

sara alrayyes dubai design week 2022 al gargoot

Charlotte de Belle

Charlotte de Belle is a French neon design artist, and her “Raising Sand” installation emphasizes the magical growth of this country through such medium, with the neon light sun and door symbolizing the opportunity that lies in the UAE. Her neon sculptures have brought expressiveness and an optical dimension to this art medium which is sometimes considered cold and commercial. Additionally, de Belle is based in Dubai, where she has her studio Vertical Design. 

charlotte de belle dubai design week

The 2022 edition of Dubai Design Week will promote its most internationally renowned and emerging designers. All these female creatives share a mutual love and passion for design, culture, and connectivity, using their art to break down barriers, give a platform to issues and underrepresented voices, preserve the traditional craft, and encourage communication.

Prepare your visit and find more information about their program and Dubai’s Design District.

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